blue and grey cowl


We've got a new shop sample showcasing the extra light and slightly fluffy Rowan Alpaca Classic in shades 101, 102 and 108.

Rowan Alpaca Classic has a cotton core with blown alpaca fibres. Its so light that each 25g ball as 120m.


blue and grey cowl


The cowl pattern has been in my head for a while and it combines my love of knitting cowls and for colour blocks and stripes. I also went on a train journey and this was the perfect project to travel with!

It starts with some moss stitch, before a big block of stocking stitch and a smaller block of stocking stitch, then some 1 row stripes before finishing with a rib.


blue and grey cowl


I do love blocks of colours on a cowl as you can wear them in different ways with different colours facing out.  Something we've also shown with our free Simple Cowl pattern and Joji Locatelli's 3 Colour Cowl.


blue and grey cowl


And like our free Simple Cowl pattern this Alpaca Cowl pattern is super versatile. You can knit it however you like:

  • More or less stripes or no stripes.
  • All in thick and thin stripes.
  • All in moss stitch or no moss stitch.
  • One colour or lots of colours.

You can of course use another DK yarn. The cowl will likely have a weightier feel as the Alpaca Classic is a super light yarn.


Why knit a cowl?

  • It's a great beginners project -you just go round and round. And there's nothing taxing, so you can pick it up and put it down, or chat and drink without worrying about losing your place (just make sure you mark the start of your round).
  • Because it's knitted in the round on circular needles there's no sewing up. Once you cast off, and sorted your ends, you can wear it.
  • And because its knitted in the round it's a great travel project. No long needles to carry.
  • The pattern is written in sections, so you feel you're making progress and you can look ahead to the next bit - which is always motivating.
  • You can easily mix and match the sections - make the cowl your own.


grey and blue cowl


I've written up the Alpaca Cowl pattern which you can download for free here. It's also available as a kit.

There are 6 different colour combos.


colour combos


In each kit you'll get a copy of the Alpaca Scarf pattern and the Striped Asymmetrical Scarf. Both also use 3 colours of Alpaca Classic.


pink and grey scarf

 striped scarf


You can choose which accessory you want to make. Just add needles.

If you want to knit a Scarf you will need 4.5mm circular needle (at least 80cm long).

And if you want to knit the Cowl you will need 4mm x 60cm circular needle.

And if you buy a kit you get 10% off compared to buying the yarn separately.


striped accessorises


You can't knit all three patterns from 3 balls but you can either knit one of the Scarves with all 3 balls or knit the cowl.

If you knit the cowl you only use 50g of yarn across the 3 colours so there's enough for a pair of striped fingerless mitts. You can find a free pattern here.


Alpaca Cowl 

Download free pattern here.

Buy a kit here.

Measures - approx. 30cm wide laid flat, 40cm tall.

Yarn - Rowan Alpaca Classic x 3 balls. You will have leftovers. If you use another DK yarn aim for approx 240m in total, you'll need at least 100m of one colour.

Needles - circular 4mm x 60cm for working in the round. Click for our circular needle range.

You will also need a stitch marker and wool needle

Techniques - cast on loosely; work in the round; knit; purl; decrease by knitting 2 together (K2tog); cast off loosely.

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