purple tank top

To fit size 32-34" with an actual chest size of 41.25" shown on a 38" mannequin


A new shop sample using our newest chunky yarn - Stylecraft ReCreate Chunky

Stylecraft ReCreate Chunky is entirely made of recycled fibres - 40% wool, 30% acrylic, 30% polyester. It feels robust but soft. The colour range is stunning; some of the shades have teeny tiny subtle flashes of other colours creating a tweedy but smooth effect.

We used pattern 9945 which has 'to fit' sizes from 32 - 50". You have a choice of a round neck or a v-neck



This is an easy project, a great first garment for a beginner knitter or for when you want the easy going rhythm of moss or garter stitch. It's also a very practical garment for the cooler weather ahead - an extra layer over a long-sleeved top when you don't need a jacket.

The round neck version is super simple. You make the front and back and sew them together, finishing the neck and arm holes with a few rows of knit stitch.

If you can knit a square you can knit this as it's boxy with only a little shaping.

The shoulders are sloped by casting off and the front neckline is shaped with a simple decrease - Knit 2 Together (K2Tog).


purple tank top


You begin with moss stitch and then the rest of the garment is garter stitch.

Moss stitch is when you alternate knit and purl stitches across the rows and garter stitch is when you knit every stitch in every row.

You do need to pick up stitches to finish the neckline and armholes but don't be alarmed. This is very simple to do.  Because you're using a chunky yarn the stitches are nice and big so you can see what you're doing. Check out these tutorials at Elizabeth Smith Knits.


This tank top is designed to be big. It's worth checking the measurements and thinking about how big you want it to be. Especially as its a chunky yarn in moss stitch and garter stitch, i.e. there's not much drape. Look at what you already own and like and measure that for an idea of your perfect fit.


Our sample is the smallest size, to fit a 32-34" bust. The finished measurement is 41.25" which gives a positive ease of approx 10". Positive ease just means is bigger than the actual chest size. I've photographed it on a 38" mannequin (shown above) and here it is on the 34" mannequin.


purple tank top

To fit size 32-34" with an actual chest size of 41.25" shown on a 34" mannequin


 If you visit the Pittenweem shop you're welcome to try it on.


Aside from picking up stitches I would also give any beginners a word of caution re moss stitch. If you can knit and purl its easy peasy. You knit 1 stitch then purl 1 stitch then knit 1 stitch then purl 1 stitch...  but you MUST remember to move your yarn after each stitch. To purl you bring your yarn to the front, between your needles, to work the next stitch. If you don't then take it back to the back before you work a knit stitch you will start making stitches.


(You could of course do the whole thing in garter stitch!)


To sew up the front and back together I used mattress stitch. This is the best way to sew up this garment as it gives an invisible finish on the outside and no bulky seams on the inside.

Check out this video on YouTube for using mattress stitch for moss stitch

And this YouTube video for using mattress stitch for garter stitch.

We are of course always happy to help if you have any questions or want a mattress stitch demo.


For those that are a bit more experienced, or perhaps a beginner who wants to get stuck in, you could change the way the shoulders are done. I talked about this technique with the Sami jumper back in March last year.

In the pattern the shoulders are cast of like 'steps',  but instead you can use short rows to shape the slope of shoulders and leave 'live' stitches that can be bound off in a three-needle-bind-off.

There is an excellent tutorial here which shows the method and you can see a three-needle-bind-off here.

This technique can produce a less bulky shoulder seam (good when using a chunky yarn) and saves any tricky sewing up over the 'steps'.

You can also knit this in the round from the bottom up. When you get to the arm holes you can knit back and forth for the front and back. However, you would need to knit one row and purl one row in order to make garter stitch in the round. Or you could knit it inside out...🥴 Personally I was ok knitting it flat and sewing up with mattress stitch!


To recap.

You can buy the Stylecraft ReCreate Chunky pattern (9945) here or in the Pittenweem shop.

You can see our selection of Stylecraft ReCreate Chunky here

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