alpaca scarf

Scarf knitted in Rowan Alpaca Classic at the woolly brew

Knitted in Rowan’s beautiful Alpaca Classic this long narrow accessory is more scarf than shawl.

Rowan’s Alpaca Classic has a chain construction with alpaca fibres surrounding a cotton core. This not only makes it super lightweight but also allows for some tonal variation in the shade, as the dye reacts to the different fibres.

To show off this floaty quality, we’ve taken a popular laceweight shop pattern (read more about that here) and modified it to give a simpler edge.

This shawl is more scarf like because it grows quickly at each edge. This rapid increase is achieved with a KYOK stitch.  If you’re unfamiliar with this stitch, don’t worry!  It’s explained in the pattern. You’re basically working into a stitch three times to make more stitches.

The edge is a simple double yarn over (that gives it bigger holes than a single yarn over), again instructions are in the pattern.

Obviously, because of the long nature of this scarf, you need to use circular needles. At least 80cm long. 

Rowan alpaca Classic scarf at the woolly brew

Such a versatile shape! Wear as a scarf or knot the ends and wear as a cowl.


Rowan alpaca scarf as a Cowl at the woolly brew


We used a Grey Pink combo, shades 102, 101 and 124. See our full shade range here.

A shop printed pattern free with any purchase or you can download a copy here.

Measures - approx. 180cm, 45cm at deepest

Yarn - Rowan Alpaca Classic x 3 balls

Needles - circular 4.5mm x 80cm (at least).  Click for our circular needle range.

you will also need a wool needle

Techniques - cast on; work flat - back and forth; knit; purl; increase by knitting into front and back (KFB); decrease by knitting 2 together (K2tog); increase - knit, yarn over, knit into same stitch (KYOK); yarn overs (YO); double yarn over(2YO); cast off loosely.

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