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Our Asymmetrical Scarf pattern is one of our most downloaded free patterns


The scarf begins with 3 stitches and after an initial set-up you repeat the same 2 rows, creating a long triangle shape... more scarf like than shawl and you can wear it in lots of different ways.


striped scarf

wrapped and tied


striped scarffolded in half with the loose ends pulled through


striped scarfwrapped and tied twice


Over the years I've knitted 4 different versions for the shop.


asymmetrical scarf


The original one is knitted in a hand dyed 4ply.


scrappy asymmetrical scarf


I did another 4ply version using 10 mini balls of Opal 4ply sock yarn. It's packed with colour and is a great example of what you can do with scrappy leftovers of sock yarn.


asymmetrical scarf in DK yarn


The next version was in heavier DK yarn. It uses 4 colours, one ball knitted one after another. I called it the Colour Block Scarf.


mohair scarf


The last version was in a mohair silk laceweight. This one is super light (it weighs less than 50g) with a fluffy halo.


One common feature of these scarves is that they are all knitted in garter stitch (knit every row) and I really fancied doing one in stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row).

When putting together our Alpaca Collection kits (3 balls of Rowan Alpaca Classic and 2 free patterns) I saw the perfect excuse to make a new asymmetrical sample. This one combining the attributes of the previous samples - using a thicker yarn, having a fluffy halo and with stripes.

Rowan Alpaca Classic is a DK thickness yarn. It has a cotton core with blown alpaca fibres giving it a fluffy halo. And it is so light that each 25g ball as 120m. 


striped scarf



For this Striped Asymmetrical Scarf I included a 1 stitch slip stitch edge which gives the edges a cleaner finish.

I also used an i-cord cast off which gives a rolled edge - a lovely finish to stocking stitch (last seen on our Striped Cowl). You can see an i-cord cast off tutorial here on Andrea Rangel's website. It's very simple to do.


striped scarf icord edge


To stop the scarf shape curling, so it's a straight edged asymmetrical triangle and not curling like a banana, I added a YO at the beginning of the every right side row. When you come to this YO on the wrong side row you simply let it drop off you needle. Thus, you get a little bit more stretch on your edge.


striped scarf


I couldn't resist a row of eyelets when I started the third colour. I liked the idea of colours peeping through when the scarf is worn.


striped scarf


Like many of our free shop patterns this is a great project for TV, travel, social knitting. It had a little bit more 'technique' with the stripes, extra YO, the YO row and i-cord cast off but it's basically the same two rows repeated over and over.


I've written up the Striped Asymmetrical Scarf pattern which you can download for free here. It's also available in the Alpaca Collection kit.

In each kit you'll also get a copy of the Alpaca Scarf pattern and Alpaca Cowl pattern.


alpaca scarf and cowl


You can choose which accessory you want to make. Just add needles.


Both the Striped Asymmetrical Scarf and the Alpaca Scarf use a 4.5mm circular needle (at least 80cm long).

And if you want to knit the Cowl you will need 4mm x 60cm circular needle.

If you buy a kit you get 10% off compared to buying the yarn separately.


 striped accessories


You can't knit all three patterns from 3 balls but you can either knit the Striped Asymmetrical Scarf with all 3 balls OR the Alpaca Scarf with all 3 balls OR knit the Cowl.

If you knit the cowl you only use 50g of yarn across the 3 colours so there's enough for a pair of striped fingerless mitts. You can find a free pattern here.


Striped Asymmetrical Scarf 

Download free pattern here.

Buy a kit here.

Measures - approx. 195cm wide, 40cm at deepest point

Yarn - Rowan Alpaca Classic x 3 balls. If you use another DK yarn aim for 360m in total, you'll need at least 120m of each colour.

Needles - circular 4.5mm at least 80cm long  Click for our circular needle range.

You will also need a wool needle to weave in your ends.

Techniques - cast on loosely; work flat; knit; purl; make yarn over (YO); decrease by knitting 2 together (K2tog); increase by knitting into front and back of a stitch (KFB); i-cord cast off

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