colourful asymmetrical Scarf using 10 mini balls of socks yarn


Using 10 balls of Opal 4ply mini balls this scarf is a lot of fun to knit and really shows off the versatility of self-patterning sock yarn.

Usually seen in smooth stocking stitch, this self-patterning yarn can give the look of 'fair isle' or stranded colour work. As a 4ply self-patterning sock yarn this fake colour work works best across a small number of stitches... like a sock! 

This scarf is knitted in garter stitch, where you knit every row, and across an increasing number of stitches. So, you get garter stitch bumps and as the colours are knitted across more stitches, the overall colour effect is more muddled.


colourful asymmetrical scarf in mini balls of opal sock yarn


You can buy individual mini balls here or choose one of our Mini Ball Bags. These handmade bags look amazing and there's a new selection of mini balls inside.

You can also use the bag as a countdown to a special day. Or as motivation to get you through your gift knitting list. Or as a palate cleanser during a large never ending project. Or just because it's cute mini balls and lots of fun.

Each project bag is handmade and is filled with 20 mini balls. Each is unique and non repeatable.

You can dip your hand into the bag each day to pull out a surprise mini ball of yarn. Pick a project and knit each ball daily - creating unique and surprising colour combos.

Or you can empty out the bag and choose specific colours for a project... using similar shades, or clashing colours or even try and find a gradient effect.

It's suitable for beginners, although it does not teach you how to knit. It is great fun. But if you like things to match and you don't like random, it might not be for you.

You can see our current selection of bags here... the yarn is a surprise.

And of course... check your stash.


Scrappy Scarf using our free Asymmetrical Scarf pattern available for download here.

Measures - approx 180cm, 30cm at deepest

Yarn - we used 10 Opal 4ply Mini Balls (can be bought individually or as a bag of 20). See the original Asymmetrical Scarf in our gallery. 

Needles - circular 3.75mm x 60cm (at least).  Click for our circular needle selection. A 3.5 or 4mm would be fine too.

you will also need a wool needle.

Techniques - cast on; work flat - back and forth; knit; increase by knitting into front and back (KFB); decrease by knitting 2 together (K2tog); cast off loosely.


step by step knitting images of asymmetrical scarf at the woolly brew
shades used in this project may not be in the Mini Ball Bag yarn kit
Fiona Wright
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