blue mohair scarf on mannequin


When Rowan Kidsilk Haze Colour arrived earlier this year I immediately wanted to knit up a one ball project for the shop.

The yarn has a softly dappled and diffused colour effect in the same mohair silk blend as Kidsilk Haze giving it a soft halo with the sheen of silk.

Now, it does not look that impressive on the ball 😆 but it comes in a big 50g ball so it will make good sized scarf.

And we love a one ball wonder at The Woolly Brew!

To keep it simple I decided to knit a version of our Colour Block Scarf.


colour block scarf


The Colour Block Scarf is itself a version of our Asymmetrical Scarf! So this is the third version of our free pattern (not including the 4ply scrappy asymmetrical scarf.)




For our new mohair version I kept the needle size at 4mm and just followed the pattern as written.


blue mohair scarf


Rowan Kidsilk Mohair Colour has several shades of one colour in a stripe sequence. I used colour 002.

Because the knitting pattern starts with a few stitches and grows on the diagonal the stripes start thick but get thinner as the number of stitches increase. 


blue mohair scarf


I used the cast off suggested in the Colour Block Scarf pattern - Icelandic Cast Off.

This is a lovely neat cast off for garter stitch as it gives the impression of a rolled edge. In the mohair scarf it gives a very structured finished in contrast to the floaty slip stitch edges of the rest of shawl. 


blue mohair scarf


Another cast off that would be more stretchy is Jeni's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. You can see a demo of this and other stretchy cast offs on Ysolda's blog.


If you fancy making your own Mohair Scarf you can download the pattern here. We no longer stock Rowan Kidsilk Haze Colour instead we now have a gorgeous collection of hand dyed mohair silk from My Mama Knits. One 50g hank of Float Your Goat would make an amazing Mohair Scarf.


I also took a photo of the scarf at the halfway stage.

Rowan Kidsilk Haze Colour comes in a 50g ball with 400m.

If you only have 25g of mohair silk this is the size it would be...


blue mohair scarf


The 50g version is a versatile shape to wear. The extra length (approx 240cm long compared to 165cm for the DK scarf) means you can knot the two ends together so the scarf can be worn as a double loop cowl. The very lightweight fabric means there's no bulk.


blue mohair scarf like a cowl


Or you can simply wear folded in half with the ends pulled through... again it's lightweight and non bulky.


mohair scarf


It would be a great travel project too:

  • The pattern is a simple two row repeat. Once you get going you probably won't need to refer to the written instructions.
  • It's knitted on one size of needle, and you just need a darning needle to weave in your ends when you're finished.
  • There's no complicated blocking required. Just a soak in cool water, a gentle squish and layout flat to dry. It dries quick too. In fact you could quite easily wear it as soon as it's off the needles if you wanted.
  • It doesn't take up a lot of space. The ball is 50g and the scarf folds down into a neat parcel.


blue scarf tied


If you fancy making your own Mohair Scarf you can download the pattern here and buy Float Your Goat here.


Fiona Wright