The Woolly Brew Colour Block Scarf free DK knitting pattern

Inspired by the colours used by Georgia Farrell in her Rowan book My London, our latest asymmetrical scarf sample is knitted in a DK weight yarn.

4 colour asymmetrical scarf in rowan alpaca soft dk

Based on our Asymmetrical Scarf, this DK version has the same versatile shape but features a slip stitch edge and bold blocks of colour - creating a striking and cosy scarf that is easy to wear.

The scarf begins with 3 stitches and you repeat just 2 rows, creating a long triangle shape... more scarf like than shawl. It's all knit stitch too, so even simpler.


The pattern does specify about 500m of yarn. I used Rowan Alpaca Soft which has 125m per ball. If you use a DK yarn that has less meterage per ball (like Socks Yeah DK which has 112m per 50g) you'll still get a good sized scarf but it will be slightly smaller.

I also think this scarf would look and feel amazing in Rowan Alpaca Classic.

You can also knit this scarf using leftovers, like our 4ply scrappy version, striping and blending colours as you like.

A shop printed pattern is free with any purchase and you can download a copy here.



Colour Block Scarf by The Woolly Brew

Measures - approx. 165cm wide, 26cm at deepest point

Yarn - 500m of DK yarn, our version uses Rowan Alpaca Soft in shades: Shade 213 (A), 224 (B), 220 (C), 223 (D)

Needles - circular 4mm, at least 80cm.  Click for our circular needle range.

you will also need a wool needle

Techniques - cast on; work flat; knit; k2tog (knit 2 together); KFB (knit into the front and back of a stitch); S1pwyf (slip a stitch purlwise with yarn at the front); cast off.


The Woolly Brew Colour Block Scarf free DK knitting pattern

Fiona Wright
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