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A monthly update of all the projects piling up on and under my coffee table. You can read last month's update here and all the months here.

Last month I (very) optimistically aimed to finish the Half Linen Cowl and the new Simple Blanket XL. It will not surprise long term readers, but I did not complete the Half Linen Cowl or the new Simple Blanket XL.

I have made some progress though...


stripey blanket


I'm on to the second half of the new Simple Blanket.

This chunky blanket will be a new shop sample. It will replace our Simple Blanket XL (that yarn is now discontinued) and show off the very lovely Stylecraft ReCreate Chunky.

For this chunky blanket I'm using only 3 colours and making up a different stripe pattern. Once I'm done, I'll write down what I did and offer it as a free pattern, but like many of our shop patterns, you could use the current Simple Blanket XL free pattern and adapt it yourself.

There are 8 shades in the ReCreate range so there's lots of colour combos to try.

I have made some progress with the Half Linen Cowl... although it doesn't look it.😆


multicoloured cowl


I'm using an Alegria Superpool Sock Set in Trapeze. You get 100g of a variegated shade and 20g of a contrast. The colours come out quite striped on a small circumference like a sock but it looks very different in a slip stitch pattern, like linen stitch, as it produces a more blended effect with overlapping pops of contrasting colours.

This pattern is an adaption of our free Simple Cowl pattern.

I'm using a slightly larger needle (slip stitches can produce a tighter denser fabric) and a half linen stitch pattern.

Again, once I'm finished I'll write the pattern up and you'll be able to download it for free. But if you can't wait this is the half linen stitch pattern written out.

Round 1: *knit 1, slip 1 purlwise with yarn at the front* repeat to end of round

Round 2: knit all stitches

Round 3: *slip 1 purlwise with yarn at the front, knit 1* repeat to end of round

Round 4: knit all stitches


multicoloured cowl


I did manage to finish the new garter stitch marled Pop cardigan. It just needs a wash and some buttons.


multicoloured cardigan


Pop is a baby cardigan that's knitted in DK yarn seamlessly from the top down.

This has been a great beginner project for lots of people, not just as a first top-down garment, but as a first ever garment.

Baby sizes are great first garment projects - small and achievable, you never have that many stitches to rip back 😆 and you can learn lots of techniques.

Sue and I are making some new Pops for the shop to show off our current yarns AND the versatility of the pattern.

This marled Pop is made holding 2 strands of 4ply together and knitting it all in garter stitch.

2 strands of 4ply is a close approximation to knitting with one strand of DK. By holding two strands of multicoloured sock yarn you get a crazy marled effect. I'm using two different shades of Opal Hundertwasser (1435 and 3200).

The original pattern uses garter stitch at the yoke and stocking stitch on the body. But by knitting the whole garment in garter stitch it looks bulkier and more jacket-like.

It's an easy hack to do! Just knit every row.

HOWEVER, if you do do the sleeves in the round, remember you will have to knit one round, purl one round to make garter stitch. Confused? We're always happy to help in the shop or over email. And once the cardigan is washed and buttoned I'll write up all my notes for our online shop sample gallery.

The eagle eyed may have noticed at least 2 new projects on the table.

A hat for me in our new My Mama Knits Patsy DK and a new baby blanket in Stylecraft Impressions Aran.


The hat is Bumble by Tin Can Knits. I've knitted one before many years ago and love the slip stitch pattern on the 'wrong side' which I will definitely wear to the outside.


unfinished grey hat

 'right' side

grey unfinished hat'wrong' side


I'm using our new 100% merino hand dyed from My Mama Knits in shade Metaphor for Doom. Not a very cheery shade (or name) but suits my love of grey accessories.


The next new project is a light and cosy (and optimistic) baby blanket.😆


light green baby blanket


I'm using the super soft Stylecraft Impressions Aran. It comes in a range of lovely dappled shades. And its machine washable. All perfect attributes for a baby blanket.

For this blanket (another new free pattern) I'm taking inspiration from my recent projects.

A large part of the design is based on our Simple Blanket - slip stitch edges which give a neat finish and garter stitch and mistake rib.

But the 5cm stripes are created using different stitch patterns. Not different colours. 

I plan on using moss stitch, mistake rib (2x2) and a slip stitch pattern. Each will be alternated with a band of garter stitch.

I loved the combo of moss stitch and garter stitch on our new Stylecraft Recreate Chunky Tank Top.

Mistake rib is a lovely 'flat' textural stitch that looks good front and back.

And slip stitch is all over my coffee table at the moment.😆

My only hesitation with a slip stitch pattern is that it may change the width of the blanket... slip stitch can work up tighter than other stitch patterns. I may need to specify a larger needle for those sections.

It's early days... but I'm hoping this will be as popular as the Simple Blanket. It will certainly be a very versatile pattern as you could change the stripe sequence, the stripe heights and even do the stitch patterns in different colours.


The final new project is now on the needles... I'm playing around with one of our Alpaca Collection kits - Scandi light, shades of yellow, pale blue and creamy white.

I'm attempting to make a striped, stocking stitch version of our Colour Block Scarf. More on that next month...


And finally, now that the colder weather is upon us, and why knit two blankets when you can knit three, I'm back working on my mitred square blanket!


unfinished mitred square blanket


My mitred blanket first appeared in February and was last  mentioned in June (where I also showed off its back side) this has sat under the coffee table untouched.

In the past week I've added an impressive 4 squares.

For my mitred square blanket I am holding two strands of 4ply together and using 4.5mm needles with a cast on of 40 stitches (similar to the pattern at Purl Soho).

I am using stash yarn that I've acquired over the years and only using single or semi-solid shades. Nothing too variegated or patterned. I'm also only holding similar shades together. I hope to just use superwash merino or merino nylon blend to keep all the fibres the same.


Next month I hope to have resolved my Uptown Tee problem, it's drying just now. You can read more about that troublesome project on last month's blog. I should also have the new chunky blanket finished... and maybe my Bumble hat. 😁

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