stripey blanket


It had to be done!

Inspired by our super popular Simple Blanket  this Simple Blanket is XL in size but not in price.

It's not just bigger from the thicker yarn (the original Simple Blanket is knitted in the light DK Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino) it also uses an extra ball of yarn - so you're using 6 colours instead of 5.

This allowed me to change up the last sections of the blanket making it about 110cm wide and 100cm long. Although garter stitch is quite stretchy so that's an approximation.

Blankets are great projects to add an extra layer on your sofa or bed (or at your desk) and it'll keep you warm even before it's finished as it sits on your lap whilst you knit. So the coming winter season is the perfect time to cast on.

This blanket is knit mostly in garter stitch and it's a relaxing and meditative project. It's also very flexible - you can easily cast on more stitches to make it wider or knit more rows to make it longer (you will need more yarn). The stripe sequence is written out in the pattern but you can change it up to suit your own style.

Both the Simple Blanket and the XL version features an easy to work 'rolled' edge. So there's no finishing required. Once you cast off it's done... apart from weaving in the ends!

Our Simple Blanket XL is knitted in King Cole Ultra Soft Chunky. I used one ball each of:

  • Vanilla (4626)
  • Suede beige (4629)
  • Tin (4631)
  • Charcoal grey (4632)
  • Mustard (4635)
  • Teal (4628)

If mustard isn't your thing then Fern (4637) or Poppy (4634) would be great replacements. Or switch up the colours all together.

Unfortunately Ultra Soft is now discontinued by King Cole but we do have other chunky yarns that will work too.

The pure wool WYS Retreat Chunky (handwash only) and the self striping Rico Melange Chunky. Or how about Stylecraft ReCreate Chunky.

The blanket really is quite simple to knit, but we’ve added lots of extra info to the pattern. If you can understand why you’re doing something, it’ll maybe help you experiment with your own colour and stripe ideas.

The pattern is free to download here, get a paper copy in the Pittenweem shop or with any online purchase.

Measures - 110cm wide and 100cm long

Yarn - approx 880m of chunky yarn.

Needle size - circular 6.5mm at least 80cm in length.  Click for our circular needle selection.

You will also need a wool needle.

Techniques - cast on loosely; work flat; knit; slip stitches, purl, K3P3 rib, carry yarn up side of work, cast off loosely.


stripey blanket
Fiona Wright

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