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The last coffee table update of the year... and there's no coffee table!

The table has to move out of the living room to fit the Christmas tree in so this month the projects are packed away. This usually means I finish a few things over the Christmas holidays as I'm not distracted by ALL the projects.


I am hoping to complete all my socks this month. I'm onto the second sock of the two gift pairs and I'm onto the foot of the single sock shop sample. So... completely doable, right? 😆


unfinished knitted socks


From left to right

Simple socks - knitted using Opal Hundertwasser 4ply in shade 1435.  I'm using my favourite 'vanilla' pattern, you can find it on Ravelry

For these socks I am starting at a specific point in the colour sequence. For the first sock the cuff was knitted in the speckly bit and the leg until I reached the thicker stripes. For the second sock I started with the thicker stripes on the cuff and hopefully the heel flap will be speckly. This doesn't always work but that's part of the fun of these sock yarns!

Another simple sock but this time in Opal Wilder Winter 8ply. I'm using shade 11182 and Rye, a free pattern from Tin Can Knits. The original pattern has a garter stitch detail but I missed that out. These are a very fast knit and with some dedication you could knit a pair in a weekend.

The third sock will be a shop sample. So I'm only knitting one!  Dustland by Stephen West (available to buy on Ravelry and Westknits) has different simple stitch patterns made up of just knits and purls. They make a one colour sock more interesting to knit. I'm using Socks Yeah 4ply in shade 127. There is a whole range of Dustland patterns featuring a similar stitch pattern.


The two big yellowy projects are new garments for the shop.


summer light mohair knitted t shirt


This is Summer Light designed by Julie Knits in Paris and available to buy on Ravelry and at Julie Knits in Paris. I'm using My Mama Knits Float Your Goat, a hand dyed laceweight mohair silk blend.

It's a short sleeved tee shirt and uses a 4ply for the neckband and cuff. It is sooooo airy and light.


fluffy mohair tee shirt


Since these photos were taken in the shop I have finished the body ribbing and I've just the sleeve ribbing to do.

This is a fast knit despite the very fine yarn. I did debate if I should make the body longer.

The original pattern is cropped but it is very easy to make it longer (there's plenty of yarn left over). For shop samples I like to knit to the original pattern as it reflects the pattern the customer will receive but I know that cropped jumpers aren't for everyone. Since this is a summery top you can wear over a vest top or dress (it's a wee bit see through) I kept it cropped. Although I may have knitted a few centimetres longer by mistake (I underestimated how quick it is to knit).

We have a bundle of patterns on Ravelry which you can use with Float Your Goat and other laceweight mohair silk yarns.


The second garment is Caine which was mentioned just briefly last month. I now have something to show you...


unfinished yellow slip over


Still not much done!

Caine is designed by Monie Ebner (available to buy on Ravelry).  I'm using Rowan Felted Tweed in shade 216. Not a great colour to capture, although it may just be the winter light.


unfinished yellow slipover


So far I've done the shoulders and separated the front and back and I'll now knit down to make the armholes before joining back in the round for the body.


And finally, there's one finished project and one new cast on.


purple and pink scarf


Desert Ripple Wrap is finished! Started in June this was a big knit but worth it. Read more here in the Gallery and see it in the Pittenweem shop.


The new cast on uses our newest arrival - John Arbon Appledore Lace.


unfinished knitted cowl with pink and green yarn


Appledore Lace is a heavy laceweight (275m in 50g compared to other laceweights at 400m per 50g). It is so colourful in a very subtle way.

And it is very woolly! A huge contrast to the shiney Fyberspates Gleem lace. As it's a heavier lace it could be used in some 4ply patterns. Always check your tension, especially if you are knitting something that needs to fit.

For a quick shop sample, so you have something to feel when you visit, I'm doing a Pick and Mix cowl. Designed by Kari-Helene Rane for different John Arbon yarns, this cowl gives different stitch patterns which you can... pick and mix to make your own cowl.

I'm hoping this will give you a sense of how the yarn looks and feels in different patterns. 

I'm using one hank each of Hangy Down (dark green), Sheeps Nose (pink) and Quench (palest pink). These shades are very colourful as they are blended from lots of different colours. Best seen in real life or check out the shade images online. Even if you're not interested in thin yarns you should check out the names of all the shades, inspired by cider apples.

I've put together a Ravelry bundle for pattern inspiration and I'm hoping to get a garment knitted too.


I think that's it... I'm hoping I'll have lots of finished projects in January but I may just have lots of new ones... 😆

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