unfinished knitting projects on coffee table


There's some new projects on the coffee table this month. You can read last month's dispatch here and see all the months here.


First ongoing project - Desert Ripple Wrap.


unfinished knitting projects

Desert Ripple Wrap by SweaterFreak (available to buy on Ravelry)


I'm using Love Your Wallpaper in Don't Talk Back and undyed Tibetan 4ply.

This wrap has an interesting construction. You start with a triangle then knit the sides outwards to make a rectangle.

I'm coming to the end now. The rows are getting shorter and shorter...


unfinished knitting project


I've also been working away on the giant Melting Marl Shawl.

Remember that? It made it's first appearance on the coffee table in February!


semi circle shawlMelting Marl Shawl by Stephen West (available on Ravelry and at WestKnits)


I'm using two strands of 4ply held together and I'm aiming for a dark bottom edge.

I took it into the shop for a photo on the mannequin. I had to split the stitches over several cables.

I use the KnitPro Interchangeable needle system where you screw a needle tip on to a cable (or some people call it a wire). It means you can make the right length of circular needle with one set of tips. So I just slipped stitches onto multiple cables. Making sure I used end caps to keep the stitches on!


unfinished knitted shawl


I really love how it looks on the mannequin rather than scrunched up on my needles. Very motivating. Although I've still got a fair bit to go.

Melting Marl is actually a collection of patterns by Stephen West. It includes a blanket, scarf, hat and cowl. They are part of a marling workshop too which you can read about on the Westknits website.


edge of marled shawl


I'm a huge fan of marling.


My first new cast on is Caine designed by Monie Ebner (available to buy on Ravelry).  The pattern gives the gauge (or tension) in the round. So I made my gauge swatch in the round using this technique and Rowan Felted Tweed.

I haven't got far with the pattern! I was distracted by the new My Mama Knits Float Your Goat...


unfinished mohair tee shirt


Float Your Goat is a hand dyed laceweight mohair silk blend. We have a bundle of patterns on Ravelry which you can use with this yarn (and other laceweight mohair silk yarns) .

One of them is Summer Light, designed by Julie Knits in Paris and available to buy on Ravelry and at Julie Knits in Paris.

It's a short sleeved tee shirt and uses a 4ply for the neckband and cuff. It is sooooo airy and light. 



unfinished mohair tee shirt


You do need to make sure your cast on is very stretchy as this is the neckband. I followed the patterns recommendation and used a German Twisted cast on (or Old Norwegian). I found this tutorial by Andrea Mowry to be helpful. 

I have just separated the sleeves from the body. So I'm on the home straight - as this is a tee shirt there are no long sleeves!

I am also determined to make Manis too. I highlighted it in the summer as a perfect blend of 4ply and laceweight mohair silk. 

If I finish these two projects AND the two summery projects I started last spring (Melody and Tumblestone Tee) the shop may actually have some warm weather samples next year! 😆 


One project I did cast on and finish (within days) is the Ansh Cowl by Kavitha Raman.


electric blue knitted cowl

Ansh Cowl by Kavitha Raman available to buy on Ravelry


A super quick and easy project it doesn't need a lot of yarn. I used less than one hank of Patsy DK. Part of our Sunshine's Winter Rainbow collection.


This will be the last coffee table update for this year. Next month it will be an update from a box as the coffee table needs to leave the living room to make room for the Christmas tree.

In previous years this has meant I've actually finished some WiPs (January 2022, January 2021) as there are less projects lying around distracting me. 😆

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