iolair yarn gigha simple shawl wrapped around at the woolly brew

Simple 4ply Shawl

Our newest shop sample, in our newest yarn, is a reworking of a popular free shop pattern, a simple long crescent shaped shawl.

This latest version is made using the luxurious Gigha from Iolair Yarn.

Gigha is a gorgeous 4ply yarn. Hand dyed by Solveigh at her studio in East Lothian, this yarn is a stunning combination of merino and silk.  These fibres absorb the dye to give rich luminous colours with a high sheen.

The collection features subtle changes within the shade ‘families’, perfect for a fade or ombré effect in your garments or accessories. Read more about Iolair Yarn here.

The shawl pattern features a garter stitch body and the long crescent shape naturally twirls when it's wrapped around your neck.  This shape is achieved by increasing rapidly at each end (the pattern includes a link to a video showing how to work this type of increase).

The double eyelet border along the longest edge is easy to achieve and matches the large eyelets at the sides.

close up of iolair yarn gigha simple shawl at the woolly brew

iolair yarn gigha simple shawl at the woolly brew

I've put together a pattern, for any 4ply and DK yarn, into one free shop pattern. This pattern is free with any purchase and available to download here.

Read the details below for yarn suggestions and links and needle sizes.

4ply shawl- uses a 4mm circular needle and approximately 400m of a 4ply yarn. We used Gigha from Iolair Yarn. It measures 165cm wide and 25cm at deepest point

DK shawl- uses a 4mm circular needle and approximately 400m of a DK yarn. It measures 175cm wide and 30cm at the deepest point.

Click for our circular needle range. You'll need at least an 80cm long needle.

You will also need a wool needle to weave in your ends.

Techniques - cast on; work flat - back and forth; knit; increase by knitting into front and back (KFB); decrease by knitting 2 together (K2tog); increase - knit, yarn over, knit into same stitch; yarn overs; double yarn over; cast off loosely.

If you like the shape of this shawl, check out our other free shop patterns Alpaca Scarf and Simple Gleem Shawl. Both have a similar shape and use the same method of increasing, but they have a stocking stitch body.

The Simple Gleem Shawl also has a different border!

fyberspates gleem shawl at the woolly brew

Simple Gleem Shawl


Remember, any 4ply or DK yarn will work with this pattern.

How about Iolair Yarn's Luing or Colliston Yarns Merino Singles for a 4ply or Rowan Felted Tweed or Socks Yeah DK for a DK version.

Fiona Wright
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