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KISS Shawl

KISS by Louise Tilbrook in Vivacious 4ply at The Woolly Brew 4


A perfect one hank 4ply project with a pretty lace edging.

Keep It Simple Shawl (KISS) by Louise Tilbrook, is knitted side to side.

Starting at one end you increase to the middle point then you decrease to the other side. This has several benefits over a top down shawl - where you increase to the end.


KISS by Louise Tilbrook in Vivacious 4ply at The Woolly Brew


First, it means you can use all of your yarn. Only got one 100g ball? Simply weigh your ball of yarn before you start and increase until you've used half your ball, then decrease with the other 50%.

You can make the shawl fit your yarn... Have more than one hank? Just weigh the yarn you want to use - great for leftovers!

Second, when you use 360-400m of 4ply yarn, the widest point of the shawl will just fit on straight needles. So for those that don't like circular needles... you can get a lacy edged triangle shawl!


KISS by Louise Tilbrook in Vivacious 4ply at The Woolly Brew


Our shawl uses Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply in shade Shoreline which has 365m per 100g.


fyberspates vivacious 4ply at the woolly brew

 You can see our range here

Another 100g 4ply will give you a similar size. You could try one of our other hand dyed yarns - Colliston or Iolair.

Or how about a Crazy Zauberball for some stripes?

Or try some Armscote Manor 4ply for a wonderful sheepy shawl.

You can buy the pattern on Raverly or on Louise's Payhip store.

The pattern includes instructions for a stocking stitch version (like ours) and a garter stitch version (where you knit all the rows).

If you need any help accessing the pattern please let me know!

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