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Mini Ball Bag

The Woolly Brew
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**New collection coming soon**

20 mini balls of Opal sock yarn!

What more could you want?

How about a handmade Doris & Hazel drawstring project bag? Oh... and a lots of ideas to help you make the most of your 200g of self-striping self-patterning 4ply sock yarn... remember sock yarn is not just for socks!

See the Mini Ball Bag in action here.

Pick a bag and we'll fill it with 20 balls of super cute 10g balls of Opal sock yarn.

Included in this yarn kit:

  • 20 balls of 10g/42m Opal 4ply sock yarn*.
  • A Doris & Hazel handmade drawstring project bag (24cm x 30cm)
  • knitting ideas, tips and tricks to get the most from your mini ball bag.

You can use this kit... 

  • As a countdown to a special day
  • Or as motivation to get you through a gift knitting list.
  • Or as a cheeky palate cleanser during a large never ending project.
  • Or gift for a yarnie friend.
  • Or just because it's cute mini balls and lots of fun!

You can dip your hand into the bag each day to pull out a surprise mini ball of yarn. Pick a project and knit each ball daily- creating unique and surprising colour combos.

Or you can empty out the bag and choose specific colours for a project... using similar shades, or clashing colours or even try and find a gradient effect.

Opal sock yarn is a classic 4ply weight. It is a wool/polyamide blend giving warmth, elasticity and durability, as well as moisture wicking properties. And it’s machine washable too! But sock yarn is not just for socks.  The patterning on this yarn works well on small items, like other accessories and baby garments. And it’s great held together with other yarn, giving depth and variety to yarn blending.

See the Mini Ball Bag in action here.

The Mini Ball Bag is suitable for beginners, although it does not teach you how to knit. It does feature only knitting patterns ('in the round') but the yarn and general principle will work for crochet patterns. It is great fun. But if you like things to match and you don't like random, it might not be for you.

*Because of the nature of self-patterning yarn sometimes balls can look very different on the outside but be the same shade! Every effort will be made to fill each bag with as many different shades as possible. There should be no more than 2 balls of one shade and no more than 3 with duplicates in each bag. There will also be one ball of solid colour.