blue pointy cowl


This was an impulse cast on as I came to the end of the Mohair Scarf. 

(I often start a new project rather than just finish one that's nearly done!)

The Nina Cowl has been in my favourites list on Ravelry for a while.

It's a cowl that looks like a shawl when you wear it with the pointy bit at the front. But you don't have the dangly ends so it's really easy to wear. Just throw it on. And it covers up that bit at the front that can be exposed when you don't have your coat buttoned up to your chin.

I also really like all the texture. It includes:

  • garter stripe eyelets (a row of simple eyelets with garter stitch bumps either side)
  • bobbles (very simple to work but look impressive)
  • purl bump zig zag pattern
  • garter stitch stripes

I find these types of designs really interesting to knit (all the instructions are included in the pattern) and they make a real statement when you wear them.


blue cowl


You can see a similar idea in Dandelion which as a textured yoke. And the Heartwarmer Cowl with sections of different stitch patterning.


Dandelion Pullover  available to buy on Ravelry


Heartwarmer available to buy on Ravelry and at Justyna Knits.



The Nina Cowl is a lot quicker to knit than a sweater or a 4ply cowl!


blue cowl


I used King Cole Fashion Aran which is a wool acrylic blend with a tweed effect.

It has great stitch definition so really shows off all the purl bumps. And you use less than 2 balls so it's an economical knit too.

It is knitted in the round and then you knit back and forth, decreasing to create the shawl like point.

To block it I washed in Eucalan, squished out excess water and dried flat smoothing out the fabric and pinning the point.

If you prefer a pure wool try WYS The Croft Aran.

This is a new shop sample so if you want to see it in person and try it on you'll find it in the Pittenweem shop.


blue cowlworn with the point at the back and tucked under


If you like the look of pointy cowls check out our pattern bundle on Ravelry for more pattern ideas.

And you can see more of Gavriella's pattern on Ravelry. There's even matching Nina Socks!

Fiona Wright

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