Dandelion round neck hand knitted sweater in orange Rowan Felted TweedDandelion Pullover by Paula Pereira, pattern available to buy on Ravelry


Knitted in Rowan Felted Tweed this sweater features a textured yoke - lace and bobbles. This was a refreshing change from stranded colourwork yokes. The stitches are repeated on the cuffs too.

Dandelion is described as 'petite boxy'... which means it still has a cropped boxy shape, but it has less positive ease. The designer suggests 6 - 9.5cm bigger than your bust but you can choose your preferred fit.

Sizes available start at 33.25"/85cm bust up to 65.75"/167cm.

It's knitted seamlessly (no sewing up!) from the top down - so you can try it on as you go for the perfect length.


Dandelion handknit orange sweater


The designer gives detailed instructions on picking up stitches at the underarms.

Rowan Felted Tweed is a gorgeous yarn to knit with. Quite fine but once knitted it blooms to make a squishy fabric. I used the shade Ginger, a lovely deep orange shade which is really hard to photograph consistently... check out our Ravelry project page for all the variants! 

One of our customers (a much speedier knitter than me!) also knitted a Dandelion.

That Fiona used Rowan Felted Tweed in Night Sky - a lovely deep blue.


dark blue dandelion a round neck handknitted sweater


 close up of dark blue handknit sweater lace and bobble yoke

You can buy a digital copy of the pattern (you'll be able to download it as a pdf file) on Ravelry here.

And you can see our Rowan Felted Tweed collection here.

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