semi circle shawl shown from behind with a second contrast edge

Double Edged Shawl by Clare Hutchinson, buy on Ravelry


Using our newest yarn - Kinross 4ply - this semi-circle shawl features two simple lace borders in contrasting colours. I've used 2 hanks of Scots Pine as the main colour (a deep greeny blue) and 1 hank of Quartz (a pale silver grey). 


folded double edged shawl with contrasting edges


The shawl starts at the top with a garter stitch tab and then grows outwards in a semi-circular shape. The pattern tells you where to place stitch markers to keep track of the increases.

The double edge is worked all in one (no picking up stitches). I would recommend getting two sets of long circulars so you can 'hold' the second edge stitches whilst you work the first edge. Better yet, use interchangeable needle tips that you can unscrew and replace with end caps, keeping your stitches secure.

The clever construction is easy to work and it does make a striking shawl - worn over the shoulders or wrapped scarf like.


shawl with contrasting edges wrapped and tied around neck


Because of the two edges you do have to take your time blocking each one separately. After soaking my shawl in Eucalan I squished out excess water and pinned the top edge straight. Then I started pinning out the bottom edge into points and then laid the wavy edge on top, using blocking wires to gently open up the eyelets and maintain the wavy shapes.


You can see our range of blocking items here. I haven't listed blocking wires... mainly because I've not worked out how to post them yet! But if you're interested, get in touch and I'll check with the local Post Office.


shawl with two edges pinned out


In retrospect I think I could have just lain the top edge down and smoothed it into position. But the beauty of wool is that I could rewash and reblock the shawl if I wasn't happy with the finish... but I think it has worked well using the wires and the yarn feels AMAZING (it is 100% lambswool).

I love the yarn so much I'm about to cast on a t-shirt using two other colours!


15 hanks of kinross 4ply wool on a dark wood tableKinross 4ply - 100% lambswool


(If you have difficulty accessing patterns on Ravelry, please get in touch and I'll try to help)

Fiona Wright