RingOs Allsorts Stitch Markers


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RingOs are made from lightweight anodised aluminium rings. They sit on your knitting needles between stitches and slide effortless along your needles. They are snag-free and won't dangle or tangle in your finer lace and sock yarns.

Allsorts includes a range of RingOs sizes in a random selection of colours so you'll always have the perfect size of stitch marker.

These are a great set to try out RingOs and to give as a gift.

You will receive:-

  • 1 JUMBO (needles up to 12-13mm/US17)
  • 3 RingOs XL (needles up to 8mm/US11)
  • 3 RingOs (needles up to 4-5mm/US6-8)
  • 3 RingOs Mini (needles up to 3.25mm/US3)

Colours will vary.

New to stitch markers? Check out our how to use stitch markers blog post.

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