RingOs and Simple Solid stitch markers at the woolly brew

We love RingOs and Simple Solid stitch markers from Fripperies & Bibelots.

Both practical and pretty, they are snag free too!

RingOs and Simply Solid stitch markers are fixed ‘ring’ markers. They go on the needle... and you move them from the left needle to the right needle as you come to them. You can add them to your needle at any time in your project... but remember to move them as you come to them!

Some of our favourite ways to use stitch markers... 

  • Place a stitch marker every 25 stitches when casting on lots of stitches... then you just have to count the markers rather than all the stitches.
  • Use one after each pattern repeat to keep track of your stitches.  So you know you've made a mistake within that pattern repeat and not at the end of the row when you run out of stitches!
  • Use one to mark the start of the round when knitting in the round...  this is why our own Woolly Brew set has a red RingO to distinguish it from the others.


tin of stitch markers by fripperies and bibelots

  • Use the stitch marker to remind you to make increases or decreases. Especially handy in top down sweater knitting.
  • Use a stitch marker to help you maintain a decorative edge. For example, so you don't forget to knit the first and last 4 stitches on your purl row...
  • Put a stitch marker either side of the 'spine' stitch on your shawl... to remind you to increase and stop your 'spine' wandering!
  • Choose your stitch marker to co-ordinate or clash with your knitting... just because you can!


Here are some Fripperies & Bibelots markers in action...

The Carthorpe mitts by Rachel Coopey uses two mirrored cable patterns with a thumb gusset between them.

I used one pair of stitch markers to mark where I should be increasing for my thumb gusset, another pair to mark the first cable chart, and another pair to mark the second cable chart...



You can see our range of stitch markers from Fripperies & Bibelots here and here!

If you like the look of the Carthorpe mitts you can find it on Ravelry.


a pile of stitch markers - how to use stitch markers from the woolly brew

Fiona Wright
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