coffee table of unfinished knitting projects


This month I've completed a few projects. Of the projects shown on last month's coffee table I have only one left! 


In fact I cast on and completed another project between updates too.

So the completed projects... unfortunately I can only do two big ta-dah moments this month as two of the projects are shop samples that I need to do a bit more work for.


aquamarline chunky sweater


So the first big ta-dah is AquaMarline. This is a chunky weight cropped jumper knitted using 4 strands of 4ply held together. 

It is glorious! And I would definitely knit another or similar type sweater. You can read more in this Gallery post.


hand knit hat


The second finished project is my Bolton Pass Hat in West Yorkshire Spinners Bluefaced Leicester DK. This was a spur of the moment cast on after last month's update as I couldn't resist the yarn anymore.

The pattern is free on Ravelry from Espace Tricot who have an amazing collection of free patterns.

Bolton Pass uses a simple twisted rib on the brim and to create a triangle stitch pattern on the side. It is easy to work, although I recommend the use of stitch markers to keep track... or your triangle could start to wander.

The yarn is luscious and so soft. It has a great drape and I'm already eyeing a sweater pattern for it.

Of the ongoing projects...


unfinished hand knit cowl


I'm still going round and round on my Jessica Jones cowl. The effect is really lovely. Very much like a woven fabric.

The pattern is by Handmade by Smine on Ravelry and Etsy and the yarn is Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply in 631 - Denim.

And there's two new projects.


unfinished hand knit baby jumper


The first is a baby sweater called Fraser by Dani Sunshine. It is knitted seamlessly and uses a broken rib pattern to create a lot of texture.

I'm using Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino in a deep denim blue (shade 112). 

If you knit for kids I'd highly recommend Dani's patterns. You can see them on Ravelry and on Etsy.


fluffy dark green hand knit with cables and lace


The second new project was another impulse cast on. Forever and Ever is a new cowl design from Joji Locatelli. The pattern is a double loop cowl with big cables up the side and a lace centre panel. Joji has used two yarns held together one of which is a mohair, this gives a light DK thickness and a delicate halo.

I'm using one strand of Rowan Alpaca Classic DK in shade 110 Foliage Green. Alpaca Classic is my go to yarn when a lightweight DK halo is required.

Forever and Ever is on Ravelry and Joji's website.

This is a big knit and it's heavily patterned... so I may be a while!

I also think it's worth having a Sock WiP update. If only to stop me casting on more.

This is a dangerous time of year as there is a new WYS Signature 4ply Christmas colour, there's a new Opal range every month until the end of the year and Zauberball have released new shades AND I've only gone and added 4 more shades to the Socks Yeah range. So currently on the sock needles...


4 unfinished pairs of handknit socks


I'm continuing with my (gift) Opal Socks from the 25 years range. I also still have to finish my (own) Opal socks from the Joy range (first seen in the May update) and I have a pair of unfinished Zauberball socks dating back to 2019 and the greeny one, bottom right, well that's from 2017!

It is a hand dyed sock blank from My Mama Knits which used to look like this 👇.

I unravelled it and wound it into a ball. You can also just knit directly from it too. They're great fun as you're never quite sure how the colours will come together.


handpainted sock blank


You can see other sock blanks on My Mama Knits website.

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