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For May's WiPs there are  two finished projects and not much progress on anything else! (You can read April's WiPs here.)

First finished project - Wildwoods Sweater. 


ice blue hand knit alpaca jumper with a lace yoke and cuffs

Wildwoods Sweater by Kristen Finlay (available to buy on Ravelry)


I really enjoyed knitting this sweater. I used Rowan Alpaca Classic. It's a boxy shape with no shaping. And it has a dropped shoulder sleeve that means you don't have to incorporate any shaping into the lace yoke.

It knits up relatively quickly on larger needles and is light and airy to wear. You can read more in our Gallery here.

Next finished project was started and completed within the month.

in April we got a delivery of more shades in Rico Baby Cotton Soft DK - a cotton acrylic blend. I also ordered some new baby patterns. I've collected some of these together into an online 'lookbook' so you can see what sizes are available and how much yarn you will need.


knitting pattern for lace baby cardigan and jumper
Rico Baby Cotton Soft pattern 1111 - available to buy here


I loved Pattern 1111 - all over lace with statement sleeves! So I cast on one weekend and quickly ended up with all the pieces...

To give neat edges, to help me sew it up evenly, I washed and pinned out each piece.


4 pieces of a lace baby jumper


It has been a while since I've sewn anything up.

My knitting recently has been seamless. Also, sewing up such a small garment is actually more fiddly than sewing up a larger one. Especially as I had to match the lace pattern... 😬

I admit... it did take a while. I used mattress stitch and a lot of patience (and probably the same amount of time as it took to knit it  😆). But it is lovely and is now in the shop with the other baby garment samples!


yellow lace baby jumper

the colour is a little more yellow and little less lime in real life!


I have also finished the Simple Side-to-Side Shawl. This is a new shop sample using our newest hand dyed yarn - My Mama Knits Choufunga 4ply. I still need to write up the pattern so I'll do a big reveal next week with all the info.

So... what's left on the table?

A new cast on - another pair of socks! This time I'm using Opal 4ply sock yarn shade 9985 in the Joy range. I'm just using a basic cuff-down pattern. There is a free one in the shop or you could try this one on Ravelry.

I've not made any progress on Sami (featured in April's WiPs). I'm using West Yorkshire Spinners ColourLab DK and a pattern from Life in Colour. Now that Wildwoods is finished I'll be spending more time on it... and not casting on something else!

And my pom pom count remains at 35...

(If you have difficulty accessing patterns on Ravelry, please get in touch and I'll try to help).


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