rowan magazine 70


New season Rowan has arrived!

Along with Issue 70 we have two new Felted Tweed pattern books and a new yarn - Felted Tweed Colour.

First the magazine...

Celebrating its 70th issue, the new Rowan autumn winter magazine features opulent textures and shimmering details.

There are 3 stories - Platinum, Vivid and Maison. 

Platinum is extra special as the patterns use DMC Diamant metallic thread held together with a yarn to add shine to your handknits.


dmc diamant sparkly thread


(It doesn't affect your gauge so if you'd rather not use it you can omit it and the patterns will work just fine).

Some designs to whet your appetite...

Add some shimmer to your stranded colourwork by knitting DMC Diamant along with your Rowan Felted Tweed.


dolomite stranded colourwork cowl
Dolomite - the showstopping cover star in Felted Tweed DK


Dolomite does use 35 spools of Diamant! But you could just add it to a few pattern repeats rather than use it for the whole cowl.


stranded colourwork vest

Carbon - stranded colourwork vest in Felted Tweed DK


Topaz uses a different technique where you add the Diamant after you've knitted the jumper, 'embroidering' the diamonds over moss stitch panels.

short jumper
Topaz in Felted Tweed DK

Roselite - combines Felted Tweed, Kid Classic, Kidsilk Haze and Diamant!

Combining several yarns and different stitch patterns, Roselite is an oversized wide necked jumper. The pattern uses soft tones but there's lots of opportunities to mix your colours across the yarn ranges.

argyle jumper
Tungston - sparkly Argyle motif in Felted Tweed

For Tungston the Diamant is only held with the yarn for the X in the argyle... it's a lovely subtle effect if you don't want full shimmer.

The other story is Vivid by Georgia Farrell using Kidsilk Haze. Combining geometric patterns, cabling and colour blocking

lightweight wrap
Loose Knit Wrap - Kidsilk Haze on BIG needles

stripey scarf
Asymmetric Shawl in Kidsilk Haze

This asymmetric shawl uses Kidsilk Haze held double. It would make a wonderful fabric, but I'd also suggest using one strand Rowan Alpaca Classic as an economical substitute.

There's a new yarn too!


Rowan Felted Tweed Colour is a gradient yarn with subtle transitions from one colour to another. Like many gradient yarns it's hard to see all the shades in the ball. So we've got some big swatches in the shop to show off the beautiful colour transitions.



And of course there's a new pattern book, with designs by Lisa Richardson.

book on table

For a shop sample I'm thinking of a big stripey tube cowl. Combining two different colour changing shades... stay tuned!

Lisa has a second Felted Tweed pattern book - this time using the classic version.

But the patterns are interchangeable!

book on table


Fiona Wright
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