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You can read September's update here.


So things may have got out of hand on the coffee table. There are no finished projects... but lots of new ones.

First the ones with little or no progress..

There hasn't been much progress on my Jessica Jones cowl. I'm still going round and round, but just a few rounds a week at the moment. The pattern is by Handmade by Smine on Ravelry and Etsy and the yarn is Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply in 631 - Denim.

Not much progress on Forever and Ever by Joji Locatelli either. This cowl pattern is a double loop with big cables up the side and a lace centre panel. I'm using one strand of Rowan Alpaca Classic DK in shade 110 Foliage Green. 

Forever and Ever is on Ravelry and Joji's website.


Projects that have progressed...

baby jumper


I'm onto the second sleeve of my baby jumper.  

Fraser by Dani Sunshine is knitted seamlessly and uses a broken rib pattern to create a lot of squishy texture.

I'm using Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino in a deep denim blue (shade 112).  


And now the new projects...

We just got a delivery from Rico with new shades in Melange Chunky. I felt the shop needed a new Melange shop sample and given the change in the weather... a big cosy wrap seemed perfect.


unfinished shawl in yellows and teals


The pattern is Midsommar Shawl by Dr. Ericka  and is free on Ravelry. It uses a mixture of garter stitch, stocking stitch, yarn overs and dropped yarn overs. All are simple to work but it creates a lot of variety and textures.

Rico Melange is a single ply chunky so it's very light, perfect for a large accessory as it has bulk without the weight! The colours follow a thick and thin stripe and work well over a small or large number of stitches. A similar, thick but light yarn, is WYS Retreat Chunky. Although Retreat is 100% wool and only in solid colours!


start of a shawl in shades of green and brown


The second new project is Myssoni by Susan Ashcroft. Like the Rico Melange I realised its been ages since we've had a new shop sample in a Zauberball. Like the Melange, Zauberball and Crazy Zauberball are self striping yarns and self-striping yarns look great in a 'feather and fan' type stitch patterns.

Myssoni is an asymmetrical triangle shape and I'm hoping for a decent size shawl/scarf from one ball of Crazy Zauberball (I'm using shade 1660).

You can buy the Myssoni pattern on Ravelry.


multi coloured striped  cowl


The third new project uses the new Rowan Felted Tweed Colour. This is a gradient effect yarn, softly transitioning through 4 colours. I'm making a cowl using two different shades (026 and 022) and working 2 row stripes. This gives the impression I've used lots of colours. This is my favourite way to use gradient or self striping yarns as it produces unexpected colour combos... easily!

I'm making the 'pattern' up. I cast on 180 stitches using 3.75mm needles (60cm in length) knit in the round making two row stripes. Carrying the yarn loosely up the back, so I don't need to cut it each round. I didn't do any ribbing so the ends will curl. I'm hoping for a loose casual cowl with a lot of drape.


And finally I'm back to making pom poms. There's a new window display going up this week. If you're passing the Pittenweem shop I'll likely be in the window hanging pom poms or at the counter making pom poms.

There should be a big reveal in the coming weeks along with some birthday surprises... Did you know the Pittenweem shop has been open 10 years next month? 

(yes... I couldn't believe it either 😆)

To celebrate there's a few special things coming... including an exclusive colourway from My Mama Knits. It's vibrant and instantly recognisable as 'The Woolly Brew'!

I'm excited to show it off. Until then, here's an arty black and white photo of it as an unfinished shawl...


black and white photo of unfinished shawl



Talking of birthdays, this is the thirteenth Work in Progress blog post! I've put together a wee recap of some of the projects that have passed over the coffee table in the past year. 38 projects have been mentioned and 32 have been finished (and several have been 'retired' for a while 😆).

You can read it here.


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