coffee table with unfinished knitting projects


So this month I've been flitting back and forth between different projects.

I did finish a few things shown in last month's Work In Progress post (read that here)

First up -  wrist warmers using mini balls of Opal 4ply sock yarn...


wrist warmers in stripey yarn


You can read more about them and the Mini Ball Bag yarn kit here.

It's a simple project, I did it on double pointed needles but it's simple enough to try out other 'in the round' techniques like magic loop or two circulars or... knit two at a time.

I've also started another chunky hat... I've already knitted three in a new collection.


3 brightly coloured hand knitted hats with faux fur pom poms


This is an old shop pattern which I'm remaking in West Yorkshire Spinners Retreat. Originally there were 3 styles - a close fit beanie, one with a turned back brim and a third slouchy. This pink one will be more slouchy with a block of contrast colour at the top (and a Rico faux fur pom pom)

Other things 'completed' this past month...


brightly coloured hand knitted striped shawl

 Playground by  Wollwerk, pattern available to buy on Ravelry.


I finished the third wedge of the Playgroud Shawl using Zauber Flower, a big cake of 4ply yarn from Schoppel Wolle. I'm now into the yellow section and the last wedge!

The wedges of colour are created using short rows where you knit less and less stitches each row... forcing the colours to stripe in a different way.


orange hand knitted jumper with one sleeve finished

 Dandelion Pullover by Paula Pereira, pattern available to buy on Ravelry


I completed a sleeve on my Dandelion sweater. Really enjoying knitting with the Rowan Felted Tweed, even sleeves!

I also finished my scrappy socks. Rachel Coopey had a scrappy sock knit along on Instagram in July. A section of sock was released each day. I came to it late and didn't keep up, so I'm just finishing now.

I think they look amazing and I love the variety of stitch patterns and colours.


two brightly coloured scrappy hand knit socks


BUT! One of the stitch patterns is a slip stitch... and mine is very tight... and I can't get the sock over my heel. If I were to do a slip stitch again I would definitely use a larger needle!

So... to fix it I've cut off the top of the offending sock and I will knit a new bit. I cut just above where I wanted to put my needle, this gives me a few rows to tink back one stitch at a time to get all the stitches on the needles the right way round. It is a wee bit fiddley given the size of the stitches, so I did use a sharp needle to catch them cleanly.


scrappy brightly coloured sock with the top cut off

sock surgery


Obviously I have cast on a new project - a pair of 6ply socks using the new Opal Lifestyle. 


Opal 6ply sock yarn wool unfinished sock at the woolly brew


I've also started a new sample for the Mini Ball Bag yarn kit. This one uses our free Asymmertrical Scarf pattern. Originally knitted in Colliston Yarns Merino Single, this new sample using 10 mini balls of Opal 4ply sock yarn.

I'm doing a few rows of stripes as I move onto the next ball.

There's not many Mini Ball Bags left... but there is more on the way! And obviously you can use random stash too.


mini ball bag asymmetrical scarf at the woolly brew


Oh! And I haven't done anymore work on the Garter Squish Blanket or the Plume Poncho, both shown in last months blog post... I'm quite close to finishing Playground, so I think I'll focus on that for the rest of the month and I suppose I should start that second sleeve too... But I am tempted to knit a pair of lacey socks.

If you have any questions about these projects please get in touch. Remember you can share your Woolly Brew projects on Instagram by using #thewoollybrew and there is also a shop group on Facebook if you'd like to share there too!


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