Coffee table filled with knitting projects at the woolly brew


I regularly share updates of my on going projects on Instagram - I like to have a variety on the needles from small and big, simple and complex and thick and thin. Not to mention a mix of personal projects and shop samples. Most projects are eventually finished, although some may take a few years!

To keep track of what I'm working on and to share the excitement of casting on a new project (and perhaps help with any boring middle parts) I'm going to keep a monthly blog... hopefully most of the shop projects will end up in the online gallery (and in the Pittenweem shop) but these blog posts will document their progress.

Obviously I have far too many projects to share in one go so I'll just start with what is on (and under) the coffee table at the moment.


the woolly brew playground shawl pattern by Wollwerk in Zauber Flower

Playground by  Wollwerk, pattern available to buy on Ravelry.


I'm knitting Playgroud using Zauber Flower, a big cake of 4ply yarn from Schoppel Wolle. It has longer stretches of colour than their famous Zauberball sock yarn.

Playground is a shawl that's knitted in different directions with a big sweep of increasing short rows that gives it width. Bit of a oxymoron! You increase on one side but you knit less and less stitches each row... forcing the colours to stripe in a different way.

The first photo I have of Playground is dated 4th October 2019... which makes it the oldest project I'm sharing... today.


the woolly brew Plume poncho pattern by martin storey in Rowan Alpaca Soft

Plume by Martin Storey, from Carousel


Plume will be a poncho. I'm knitting it in our new yarn Rowan Alpaca Soft. A DK blend of wool and alpaca.

I've just started the colourwork section so it doesn't look like much at the moment! This is what it will look like when it's finished...


plume poncho knitting pattern by martin storey at the woolly brew


I really like Rowan Alpaca Soft - it's very squidgy and soft and the colours are stunning. Plume is one of three projects where I've used Rowan Alpaca Soft and we've only just got the yarn in.

I cast on Plume at the beginning of September and triumphantly announced on Instagram that I had cast on over 400 stitches in the round with no twist.  A minor miracle.

By the 18th of September I started the stranded colour work... which was a disaster.

First I miscounted the pattern repeat. It was a small miscount on the first row, but I was hopeful I could fix it on the second row. Part way round the second row I realised I had in fact made a rather large mistake... which could only be fixed by tinking back each stitch... over 500 of them!

Anyway... I'm back on track. And now the colour work is established it's much easier to see where each 'stitch' goes.


<img src="" alt="the woolly brew Dandelion pattern by Paula Pereira in Rowan Felted Tweed" />

Dandelion Pullover by Paula Pereira, pattern available to buy on Ravelry


I immediately wanted to knit Dandelion. I think I cast on this project very early in April, if not March when the pattern was released.  I love the textured yoke and as I thought, each band of stitches keeps it interesting and the bobbles weren't too time consuming!

The pattern does ask for a tubular cast on at the neck (it's knitted top down in the round) and tubular cast off at the hem. I did neither. I had one attempt at the neckline but it didn't work out and I couldn't be bothered trying again...

The sleeves have the same textured stitches at the cuffs. I'm toying with the idea of doing both sleeves at the same time so I don't get hit by second sleeve syndrome...

I'm using Rowan Felted Tweed in Ginger. Which is one of the worst shades to photograph, here is an earlier photo on the shop mannequin looking like an entirely different shade of orange.


the woolly brew Dandelion pattern by Paula Pereira in Rowan Felted Tweed


This is my first project using a single strand of Rowan Felted Tweed and knitting plain and I love it. The yarn itself doesn't feel squidgy but the fabric is very cushy (I'm using a 3.25mm needle - I'm a very loose knitter!) 


the woolly brew garter squish leftover 4ply blanket pattern by Stephen West Oct 2020

Garter Squish by Stephen West, free pattern available on Ravelry


I talk about the Garter Squish blanket a lot. This is my sixth version. There is one in the Pittenweem shop and several in my living room. It is a great way to quickly use up leftovers and it is a very comforting knit. Perhaps that is why I started this one on 2nd April when I only finished my fifth one on the 17th March.

And yes, I do have a lot of leftovers.

This blanket, like the last one, uses 4 strands of 4ply yarn on 6mm needle (remember I'm a loose knitter). But you can mix up different weights, play with texture and colour. One tip is to try and start a new yarn at the start of a row... that way you can hide your ends in the lovely i-cord edge. Full instructions to make this edge are in the pattern and it's a game changer if you're unhappy with uneven edges on blankets, scarves or


Ribbed brim of a grey hand knit hat in West Yorkshire Spinners Retreat at the woolly brew

 Hats 3 Ways - a free pattern available in the Pittenweem shop

This is a new cast on this week. I'm remaking 3 shop hats in West Yorkshire Spinners Retreat. The old shop samples are in a yarn which is now discontinued. This free pattern is great for beginners. There is a choice of 3 styles - a close fit beanie, one with a turned back brim and the third is slouchy.

I love the contrasting colours of the Retreat and the Rico faux fur pom poms. I might knit more than 3 this time...


unfinished stripy wrist warmer on DPN at The Woolly Brew


I'm not going to say much about this last WIP. This will by a new shop sample to show off a new kit which is launching soon... 


If you have any questions about these projects please get in touch! Remember you can share your Woolly Brew projects on Instagram by using #thewoollybrew and there is also a shop group on Facebook if you'd like to share there too!

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