coffee table filled with knitting projects and pom poms


This month's update features four finished projects - a hot water bottle cover, a sock, a blanket and cowl.


stripey hot water bottle cover in wys colourlab


I finished my hot water bottle cover in WYS Colourlab DK shade 915 Purple Rain. I used my go to pattern All You Need by LondonLeo. This is a free pattern written for aran or DK yarn. It also includes a 'formula' so you can use a different thickness of yarn and hot water bottle size.


colourful sock in odd balls of yarn


Inspired by our new range of Mini Ball Bag kits I knitted another scrappy sock (this one is in the shop whilst I knit the second). My handknit socks usually weigh about 60g, so I used 6 mini balls. Although I must have knitted the leg a bit longer than usual as I nearly ran out! Read more about the sock here.


handknit multicoloured blanket

Garter Squish using 4 strands of 4ply, free pattern by Stephen West on Ravelry


My Garter Squish blanket (which lived under the coffee table) is finished. I used 4 strands of 4ply held together on a 6mm needles (I am a loose knitter).  This matches the blanket I finished in March 2020. Maybe I should cast on a third for next year!?!


short colour work cowl in blues grey and orange


Llariega Cowl by Belén Fernández in Rowan Alpaca Soft. I was putting together a list of good first stranded colourwork patterns and felt inspired to knit this... I think Socks Yeah DK would work really well too! You can read more about it here.


half finished pale blue fluffy jumper

Wildwoods Sweater by Kristen Finlay (available to buy on Ravelry)


I am still working on my Wildwoods Sweater - I am knitting the sleeves at the 'same time' so hopefully I won't get stuck on sleeve island. I think it looks great on the shop mannequin!

I also cast on some other projects.


half knitted scarf in purples and blues


Simple Side to Side will be a new free knitting pattern. I'm increasing to the mid point, then I'll decrease down the other side. It'll fit on straight needles too, as the most stitches you'll ever have on the needles is the mid point.

I'm using our new hand dyed yarn - My Mama Knits Choufunga 4ply in Delphinium Mix.

Simple Side to Side will be part of our Simple collection of scarf/shawl free patterns. 


unfinished hand knit stripey jumperSami from Life in Colour by Chloe Birch.


This is a bit of an experiment... The original pattern uses two solid colours of WYS Colourlab.


pink and grey jumper


Instead, I am using WYS ColourLab DK in grey (shade 137) and a self striping one in purples, orange and yellows (shade 914). 

And finally, I'm also making small pom poms for the letters in the Pittenweem shop window... I need about 70. Half way there!

(If you have difficulty accessing patterns on Ravelry, please get in touch and I'll try to help)


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