Messy table at the woolly brew knit and crochet group

To keep in touch during the temporary closure of the shop, and to maintain our connection whilst keeping our social distance, we have a new virtual shop group on Zoom.

It happens weekly, on Mondays, from 7pm

If you'd like to join the Zoom group (you can join and leave during the meeting) please contact us and I'll send you a link and a password.

If you are using a mobile Device  (Apple or Android) you should download the Zoom app ahead of the meeting.

You can also use your laptop or PC, you can download that app here.  It is best to do this before the meeting starts!

In any case, click the link in the email I send you... and you should be taken to the 'meeting room'.

Zoom have a tutorial here, you might find useful.

In the meeting room, you can mute your microphone, switch your camera on and off and most importantly see everyone and their projects... refreshments are optional (but obviously recommended!)

If you haven't used Zoom before, I'd be very happy to set up a quick trial for you.  Just send me an email, download the appropriate app, and we can have trial run together.

Image of table at the woolly brew set up for knitting and crochet group

If you are on Facebook I've created a new Facebook group where people can share their projects with other Woolly Brewers.  This is separate from Zoom - so if you'd rather not do video chat, you can still connect with people through photos and text!

Fiona Wright
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