blue laceweight eyelet shawl

A laceweight shawl in beautiful Fyberspates Gleem yarn.

Fyberspates Gleem is a blend of 55% Blue Faced Leicester wool and 45% Silk. It comes in gorgeous hand dyed semi-solid shades.

The shawl is a large elongated semi circle with a deep eyelet border.

blue eyelet shawl

The laceweight yarn creates a lightweight fabric and the shawl shape is versatile to wear.

blue lace shawl

This is a good next steps project for those looking to tackle a larger laceweight project.

You do need a circular needle to hold all your stitches... but you could start with a straight needle before knitting them onto a 80cm (or longer) circular.

You are increasing rapidly by adding 6 stitches over 2 rows. This is achieved with (Knit, YO, Knit) into one stitch. This is abbreviated as KYOK. You can see a demo of this stitch here.

You will also be making a yarn over before a purl stitch which can catch people out! This video by Very Pink Knits shows you how to make a yarn over (YO) when knitting and purling.

It's also important to do a stretchy cast off so that the edge doesn't pull in. You can see a selection of stretchy cast offs on Ysolda's blog and a video demo of Jeni's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off (which I used for the shop shawl).

blue lace shawl

You can see our Gleem collection here. And check out our other laceweight yarns too.

Simple Laceweight Shawl,  knitting pattern available for download here.

Measures - approx 200cm long, 50cm at deepest

- Fyberspates Gleem x 1 hank we used Blue Lagoon shade 708.

You could also use Rowan Fine Lace x 2 balls (1 ball would be a good size too, just work less of the border, so you don’t run out).

Needle - circular 3.5mm x 80cm (At least). Click for our circular needle range.

- cast on; work flat - back and forth; knit; purl; increase - knit, yarn over, knit into same stitch; yarn overs; knit 2 together (k2tog); cast off loosely.

If you like this elongated style shawl, check out our Alpaca Scarf and Simple Shawl for a similar look but in a thicker yarn. 

And if you're looking for a more complex lace project check our Glenallen in our Gallery.
Fiona Wright

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