Small blanket knitted in shades of pink Rowan baby Cashsoft Merino at the woolly brew

A simple blanket knitted in Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino. It’s mostly knitted in garter stitch, except for one ribbed section.

This blanket was designed as both a simple project for beginners and a way to experiment with, and use up odd balls of yarn.

It is knitted using a circular needle, to hold all the stitches comfortably. And it features a neat rolled edge.

It has 6 sections, some are knit in only one colour, others are striped. The stripes vary from narrow to broad, some are ‘reversed’.

The blanket really is quite simple, but we’ve added lots of extra info to the pattern. If you can understand why you’re doing something, it’ll maybe help you experiment with your own colour and stripe ideas.

We’ve used Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino, a blend of wool, acrylic and cashmere that is supersoft and machine washable. Perfect for baby knits! And this blanket is a good size for a car seat or buggy.

We have yarn kits for this blanket. Available in 6 shades.   The price of the kit is 15% lower than buying everything separately.

We’ve used a pink combo, in shades 120, 115, 106, 113, 105, you can see our full range here.  But you could use more or less colours, the blanket pattern is quite easy to adapt. It would also work well with any leftovers too.

The pattern is free to download here, get a paper copy in the Pittenweem shop or with any online purchase.

Measures - 55cm wide and 65cm long

Yarn - 5 balls of Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino

Needle size - circular 4mm x 80cm.  Click for our circular needle selection.

You will also need a wool needle.

Techniques - cast on loosely; work flat; knit; slip stitches, purl, K3P3 rib, carry yarn up side of work, cast off loosely.

May 12, 2020 — Fiona Wright

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