multi coloured shawl

Loop scarf designed by Casapinka available to buy on Ravelry.


Loop is a long crescent style shawl/scarf. It has a very interesting but easily worked stitch which makes little clusters of stitches. The pattern includes two sizes. I knitted the smaller size.

Using a multicoloured yarn with a contrasting solid colour gives a striking effect - like a garland or string of fairy lights.


multicoloured shawl


It perfectly showcases our new hand dyed Lang Alpaca Soxx a 75/25% alpaca and nylon blend. For the main solid colour I've ramped up the softness by using our undyed Angel Delightful which is a blend of alpaca, silk and cashmere.

You start the scarf at the centre top with a few stitches. You can choose how you'd like to start - a garter tab or a standard cast on with some rapid increasing. Just make sure you turn the page to find that out!

I had a false start when I turned the page on the pattern and realised I did not work the standard cast on correctly.

The shawl shape is created with rapid increasing at each side. You must keep everything loose otherwise it will pull in too much. 

In fact, when working the edges I'd even advise knitters to add another YO in between the first two stitches and last two stitches of every right side row and then drop those YOs on the wrong side row.

It's a technique I used in our Striped Asymmetrical Shawl to keep the side edge from curling in.


multicoloured shawl


I did not do this but I am a loose knitter and luckily got away with it. I so easily might not have so I would recommend that extra YO especially if you are a tight knitter. 

You also have to keep your loop stitch loose! The pattern does recommend this. If you don't you won't get enough texture and the stitch will be very tricky to work.


multicoloured shawl


Because of the rapid increasing the rows do get quite long on Loop and you may find the i-cord bind off takes a few evenings to complete. But this is a relatively fast knit as most of the shawl is worked in simple stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row).

I didn't follow the pattern instructions for the i-cord cast off. Instead I did it my own usual way. You can see a tutorial here.


multicoloured shawl


That rapid increasing does make a long crescent shape which makes Loop a very versatile accessory to wear - wear loose or wrap and tie. You can even knot the ends together and loop around your neck like a cowl.


multicoloured cowl


To block this shawl I soaked in Eucalan, squished out water and used a wire to pull the top edge straight. I just smoothed out the body of the shawl to form a balanced curve. I then left it to dry completely. You can see photos of the unblocked shawl on last months WiP update.


In case it helps I used the following amounts of yarn to make the 1st size.

For the main colour (A) I used 240m of the Angel Delightful, about 60g. For the contrast shade (B) I used 156m of the Alpaca Soxx, about 40g.

I think it would be fun to use up leftovers of 4ply especially for the the Loop stitch. Or rather than leaving it to chance you could be purposeful in your colour choices.

I also like the idea of a dark background combined with a bright multicoloured contrast - it would definitely look like fairy lights then.

We have a lovely dark green and dark teal in our Nervus Fibre Merino Sock range.


hand dyed yarnLang Alpaca Soxx in shade 06 and Nervus Fibre Merino Nylon Sock in Deepwood.


Or you could lean into the cream shades and use our undyed Llama 4ply.


hand dyed yarnLang Alpaca Soxx in shade 06 and shade 02 and undyed Llama 4ply



If you're not a fan of lamoids you could try Manos Alegria Superpool sock set or My Mama Knits Choufunga. Both are merino wool.


hand dyed yarnManos Alegria Superpool Sock in shades Big Top & Trapeze and Nervus Fibre Merino Nylon Sock in Deepwood.


hand dyed yarnMy Mama Knits Choufunga 4ply in Bright Flower, Urchin and Turquoise no. 1 


To recap 

You can buy a copy of the Loop on Ravelry.

You can buy Lang hand dyed Alpaca Soxx here. I used shade 05. And buy Angel Delightful 4ply here.

You can of course use other 4ply yarns.

You can buy circular needles here. The pattern specifies 4mm and 3.5mm (for the i-cord bind off) I'd recommend at least 80cm long.

Fiona Wright

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