fluffy loop


The Simple Fluffy Loop is knitted in Nervus Fibre Suri Silk. A hand dyed blend of alpaca and silk.

For those that are sensitive to mohair silk I'd recommend trying this alpaca silk. You may find it less annoying.


fluffy yellow cowl


The yarn is super super soft and squishy. On the hank it's soft but when it's knitted it's another level of squishy. 

The pattern is super simple. So simple it's on a sample tag in the shop...


fluffy loop


I knitted until the cowl measured 35cm, leaving 25g for another cowl, like our Mohair Cowl.

You can also use our hand dyed My Mama Knits Float Your Goat - a mohair and silk laceweight. 

I used my usual blocking technique for this cowl - soak, drain, squish and lay flat to dry. 

Fiona Wright

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