Botanic shawl by stephen west large striped wrap at the woolly brew

 Botanic Shawl by Stephen West, pattern available to buy on Ravelry


Just before Christmas I received a parcel. In it was this gorgeous shawl, kindly loaned by Susan.

The shawl is Stephen West's Botanic Shawl and it uses self striping Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy and the single colour Erika Knight Wool Local.

The shawl is generously sized and very wrappable. It is... GLORIOUS.

The garter stripes really show off the self striping Zauberball Crazy and it makes it very squishy. The slip stitches in the solid colour add striking perpendicular lines with very little effort.

The shawl starts with a few stitches in one corner and increases to a stripey border. You can easily make it smaller or even bigger.


botanic shawl by Stephen West in Zauberball Crazy at the woolly brew


This Botanic Shawl uses 2 balls of Zauberball Crazy in shade 2312 Piano Bar and 2 hanks of Erika Knight Wool Local in Gritstone.

We don't always have Wool Local but you could substitute for another solid colour 4ply. In fact, we have over 20 shades of Socks Yeah 4ply which gives you lots to play with!

To help you choose, I've put together some combos that I think will work well together.

The pattern requires 695m of Crazy Zauberball and 713m of Socks Yeah 4ply. So you will need 2 Crazy Zauberballs and 4 hanks of Socks Yeah 4ply (3 hanks will give 636m so you could fudge it and buy one less!)


4 multicoloured combos of crazy zauberball and socks yeah 4ply

top row - Crazy Zauberball shade 2095 and Socks Yeah 4ply shade 111 and Crazy Zauberball shade 2100 and Socks Yeah 4ply shade 1004

bottom row - Crazy Zauberball shade 2389 and Socks Yeah 4ply shade 114 and Crazy Zauberball shade 2332 and Socks Yeah 4ply shade 105


4 multicoloured combos in crazy zauberball and socks yeah 4ply


top row - Crazy Zauberball shade 1564 and Socks Yeah 4ply shade 111 and Crazy Zauberball shade 1660 and Socks Yeah 4ply shade 108

bottom row - Crazy Zauberball shade 2427 and Socks Yeah 4ply shade 101 and Crazy Zauberball shade 1507 and Socks Yeah 4ply shade 113


If you would like to replicate our shop Botanic Shawl you could use Socks Yeah 4ply in Quartz.


This Botanic shawl by Margaret uses Crazy Zauberball in shade 2355  and Socks Yeah in shade 113 Topaz

blue shawl


(If you have difficulty accessing patterns on Ravelry, please get in touch and I'll try to help)

Fiona Wright

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