The Beginner's Guide to Knitting


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The Beginner's Guide to Crochet. Easy techniques and 8 fun projects by Lynne Rowe.

In this complete knitting course, expert Lynne Rowe covers everything you need to get started:

  • essential tools and materials,
  • how to hold your needles,
  • make your first stitches,
  • fasten off
  • read a pattern

Clear step-by-step photographs and a handy fold-out flap with knitting abbreviations make it accessible for all, whether you are knitting your first stitches or revisiting the basics.

Take small steps and familiarize yourself with the terminology and techniques to master the essentials of knitting in no time at all. Lynne combines helpful, friendly guidance with 8 colourful modern projects, each one teaching and consolidating a new technique from increasing and decreasing to changing colour and joining seams. Choose from:

  1. a tranquility spa set
  2. a cozy scarf
  3. hygge headbands
  4. a stylish colour-block pillow
  5. a gorgeous baby blanket
  6. a cheerful garland
  7. a ribbed beanie
  8. fingerless mittens.

Embark on your knitting journey and have fun creating your own knitted wearable accessories and home décor items with all things bright and woolly.

Paperback 204x260 mm, 128 pages

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