Creative Mending


Mending your favourite fabric items from jeans to sweaters to sofa covers becomes a true art form in Creative Mending. In this book, mending guru Hikaru Noguchi shows you her entire range of valuable techniques from embroidery and patching to darning and felting that are just challenging enough for experienced menders. 

She provides 13 techniques that show you how to:

  • Apply creative repairs to both knitted and woven fabrics
  • Use yarn, floss, ribbon, and fabric to reinvent well-loved garments
  • Make understated repairs that add just a touch of contrast, colour, or texture
  • Use visible mending techniques for bold repairs
  • Darn with felt to add body and dimension to a repaired item
  • Match your repairs to the damage, the fabric, and the wearer
  • Manoeuvre through tricky places like inseams and underarms.

    (hardback) Size: 191x245mm, Pages: 104 

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