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A monthly update of all the projects piling up on and under my coffee table. You can read last month's update here and all previous months here.


rainbow fish


I was supposed to be focussing on adding eyes to the fish for the new window display.

We're using the super stripy Emu Helter Skelter DK in Splash and the pattern is Sardine by Barbara Ceiga, available to buy on Ravelry.

Unfortunately I've been a bit picky looking for the perfect buttons... So the fish remain eyeless and they are still not in the window. Next month... definitely next month.😆


start of a striped jumper


I did start an new baby jumper at the beginning of month. Xanadu by Kiddi Winks Knits (available to buy on Ravelry) is knitted seamlessly from the bottom up. It has a bold slip stitch pattern which looks really funky when you use a self striping yarn.


striped jumper


I used WYS Colourlab DK in Natural Cream and Technicolour. I made the 12 month size and used less than 1 ball each.


Once you get to the underarms you then knit back and forth for the back stitches and then back and forth on the front stitches before joining the shoulders using a three needle bind off.

I matched the left and right shoulders, making sure I started at the same colour.


sleeveless jumper


The sleeves are then picked up around the armhole edges and knitted down, using the same slip stitch pattern.

And then you pick up stitches around the neck.

The neck is quite big and stretchy with a rib and then some stocking stitch to give a rolled effect.


striped jumper


Xanadu has had a wash and is now drying flat. It'll be in the shop soon and I'll write it up for the gallery.


Other than that one project I haven't finished anything else this month. I've just been working on several projects.


blue eyelet shawl


I've made some progress on this year's Eyelet Shawl. But not much! The rows are getting long now.

Each year I knit a new version for the shop using one of our latest yarns. This year I'm using Wool Addicts Footprints  in shade 001.

The Eyelet Shawl knitting pattern is written for 4ply and DK yarn and has two sizes. This will be the 4ply large size.


I've also been working on the Soft as a Cloud cowl (available for free at Purl Soho).

Not on the coffee table as I've been travelling a bit recently so it's in a project bag ready to grab and go.

I'm using Dreich in our Nervus Fibre Merino Nylon Sock yarn. The semi-solid dye effect and great stitch definition really make the stitch pattern pop.


unfinished slip over

 Riptide in February 2024


I've also resurrected the Riptide Slipover.

I started this back in February and made loads of progress but its been languishing these past two months.

Riptide Slipover is designed by Jennifer Shiels Toland and is available to buy on Ravelry.

I'm using our latest summer yarn - Rico Luxury Organic Cotton Silk. A blend of 77% organic cotton and 23% silk in a DK weight.

If you're not a fan of cotton (too hard, inelastic and unforgiving) then give this yarn a try. The silk really softens it up making it more pleasurable to work with and the very slight nubbly texture is much more forgiving to an inconsistent tension (more on that later).

The Riptide Slipover is knitted entirely seamlessly with lots of lovely detailing that's knitted as you go.

  1. You start with the upper back knitting down to after the back armhole shaping.
  2. Then you pick up stitches at the left shoulder and knit down to the left front neck edge.
  3. Then pick up stitches at the right shoulder and knit down to  the right front neck edge.
  4. Then you join the left and right fronts and knit back and forth until you get to the end of the front armhole shaping.
  5. Then you join the front and back and you go round and round knitting the body.

I'm at step 5 and I've done half the body length. Only another 4" to go. Then I need to do a split hem, then finish the armholes and neckline. I should get it finished for this summer... right?


unfinished navy slipover


I'm really relying on my markers to keep the stitch patterns correct. These are markers that sit on your needles in between your stitches.

The stitch pattern is easy to do but there's 3 different ones: a mistake rib at the side, a fake cable and lace panel on the front and back, and stocking stitch in between.

I'm using different marker styles to make it clear to me which section I'm doing:

  • Simple Solids mark the side panels. Shown in green
  • RingOs for the fake cable and lace panels. Shown in red.
  • RingOs XL for the beginning of the round. Shown in white.

It's not a quick knit but it's quite relaxing and the yarn feels amazing to work with. Although, I am slightly concerned about my erratic tension caused by my loose purl action.


uneven knitting


I hope that will even out once I wash the top...😬


I have also been working on a new project using a new exclusive colour inspired by the Pittenweem shop.. all will be revealed soon ahead of the Pittenweem Arts Festival. Make sure you're signed up to our newsletter for first dibs.

It is amazing!🤩


black and whie


Also on the table but nothing new to mention is Caine and Sorgenfri.

Caine is designed by Monie Ebner (available to buy on Ravelry). I'm using Rowan Felted Tweed in shade 216 (it's the green yellow bundle on the table). I started it in November 2022!!! I brought it out of the pouffe of doom to shame myself into working on it.

Sorgenfri (designed by Guri Pedersen and available to buy on Ravelry) is still waiting for it's sleeves...


unfinished baby jumper


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