Pom Pom was founded in 2012 as a quarterly magazine, featuring knitting and crochet in a modern way.

It combines well-known independent designers and yarn producers with some lesser known ones, bringing a fresh perspective to the designs.

And, it's not just a collection of patterns, it also includes thoughtful writing and useful tutorials (and a recipe too!)

Some of my past favourites...

pom pom favourites

 1. Curio Mitts by Wencke Pertermann in Issue 11 - Winter 2014

2. Trove by Emma Ducher in Issue 30 - Autumn 2019

3. Rievaulx by Josee Paguin in Issue 29 - Summer 2019

4. Selsey by Fiona Alice in Issue 10 -  August 2010

Although it is available in digital form (a code is include with each print edition) it is also a beautifully produced 'bookish' magazine on thick paper (it even smells good), so it's worth buying a hard copy.


pom pom issue 33 summer 2020

You can see our current Pom Pom collection here, including the brand new issue 33, a bold and bright summer issue inspired by the sun. You can see all the pattern details on Ravelry.

collage of patterns in pom pom issue 33

Heliotropic, by Erica Sufka, caught my eye. I think our new Iolair Yarn would work perfectly. Either Gigha's merino/silk blend of Luing's luxurious blend of alpaca, silk and cashmere.

heliotropic by Erica Sufka from pom pom issue 33

If you're missing issues (they have a limited print run) and want to complete your collection, of the issues we have, issues 2, 11, 12, 14, 20 and 24 are out of print at Pom Pom and are now only available as a digital download.

rare pom pom issues

Fiona Wright
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