pile of multi coloured hand dyed yarn

 Choufunga 4ply sock yarn available to buy at The Woolly Brew


So excited that My Mama Knits Choufunga hand dyed yarn is now available to buy in the Pittenweem shop and on our website.

Sunshine hand dyes her yarn in small batches at home in the Borders of Scotland. Choufunga is her 4ply sock yarn.

Choufunga is a classic 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon blend. It has a smooth finish with a bit of stretch and strength and it is perfect for socks and so much more!


16 shades of hand dyed sock yarn Choufunga 4ply sock yarn available to buy at The Woolly Brew


A favourite for one hank shawls and scarfs, it's exciting to combine multiple shades for larger accessorises or garments.

Why not try these dark to bright combos...


three shades of green Choufunga sock yarn

Arsenic, Slimer, Flying Ointment


three shades of purple choufunga 4ply sock yarn

Iodine, Wizardry, Ornamental Bat


Or how about a gradual change from one colour to another?

4 hanks of hand dyed yarn from turquoise to lime green

 Turquoise No. 1, Blue Men of the Minch, Slimer, Flying Ointment


4 hanks of hand dyed yarn from turquoise to dark

  Turquoise No. 1, Blue Men of the Minch, Thunderhead, Arsenic


4 hanks of hand dyed yarn from beige grey to purples

Drench, Satyr, Delphinium Mix, Three Plums


5 hanks of hand dyed yarn in shades of purple

Three Plums, Delphinium Mix, Drench, Satyr, Belladonna


Hand dyed yarn can feel like a leap of faith sometimes - the colours and their placement can change dramatically depending on how you use them.

But that's half the fun!

Sometimes the colours come together in a hazy way, spread out across the fabric. Other times they can pool together creating flashes of colour.

And sometimes the stitch pattern brings together little pops of colour or it can diffuse the effect.

Here are some projects that have used My Mama Knits Choufunga

(These colours are not available at The Woolly Brew but you may find that at Sunshine's website My Mama Knits)


multi coloured hand knit bralette

Ripple Bralette by Jessie Maed on Ravelry


Drops of Joy shawl in multi shades

Drops of Joy by Janina Kallio available on Ravelry and her website


pink fluffy jumper with lace yoke

 Choufunga and Rowan Kid Silk Haze held together
Love Note by Tin Can Knits available on Ravelry and their website


You can see more inspiration on Sunshine's Instagram and Facebook page and on the yarn project page on Ravelry.

I am working on a new free shop pattern - a simple side-to-side scarf. More on that soon! In the meantime, our other free simple shawl and cowls patterns would work really well with just one 100g hank of Choufunga.


4 knitting patterns - cowl, scarf and shawls

Simple CowlSimple ShawlAsymmetrical ScarfSimple Eyelet


4 hanks of brightly coloured yarn

 Flying Ointment, Ornamental Bat, Office Party Vampire, Turquoise No. 1

Fiona Wright
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