A few weeks ago we shared a new scarf kit and a new free pattern... our Colour Block Scarf.


long triangle scarf wrapped around a mannequin


It's a long asymmetrical scarf knitted in Rowan Alpaca Soft DK.

I mentioned that it would look and feel really good in Rowan Alpaca Classic too and in our newsletter I suggested that our baby yarn - Rico Classic Baby DK would also work well.

Rico Classic Baby DK has lots of 'grown up' colours and although it's 100% synthetic (and less than half the price of Alpaca Soft) it is soft and non squeaky.

To help visualise these 'grown up' colours I've put together four ideas...


4 balls of Rico Baby Classic DK wool in pale pink, mustard, baby blue and navy


4 balls of Rico Baby Classic DK in pine green, dark dusty rose, turquoise and beige


4 balls of Rico Classic Baby DK in pine green, mustard, navy and caramel orange


4 balls of Rico Classic Baby DK in shades of brown and grey


Rico Classic Baby DK has 165m on a ball - 40m more than Rowan Alpaca Soft. 

The pattern for the scarf tells you to knit each colour until you run out. If you do this with the Rico Classic Baby DK... the scarf will be bigger - both longer and deeper.

If  you want a similar sized scarf (approx. 165cm wide, 26cm at deepest point) then knit about 40g of each ball (just use your kitchen scales).

Or just guess!

You can find our full range of Rico Classic Baby DK here and the free pattern for our Colour Block Scarf here.





Fiona Wright