purple shallow triangle scarf wrapped around neck


Our latest free shop pattern is for a knitted side-to-side shawl using a 4ply yarn.

This shawl is simple to work and perfect for both 100g of a special yarn or for using up leftovers! 

The long triangle shape can be looped like a scarf...


purple shallow triangle scarf looped around neck


... or tied around the neck.


purple shallow triangle scarf tied around neck


The shawl is worked in knit stitch with a simple yarn over eyelet every 4th row.

The eyelet makes it easier to 'read' your knitting, so you'll know where you are in the 4 row pattern repeat.

As a side to side shawl, a top tip is to weigh your yarn before you start. I use my kitchen scales.

You will use about 50% to knit one side of the shawl, the other 50% to knit the other. You don’t need to cut your yarn into separate balls. Just start checking how much yarn is left when you think you are near the middle.

I reached my mid point at 88 stitches… don’t assume yours will be the same!

And don’t assume your yarn weighs 100g… yarn is sold by length.

And because the mid point is the most number of stitches you will have on the needles... you can knit this shawl on straight needles.


purple shallow triangle scarf folded and tied around neck


Along with our other shawl and scarf patterns - this new free shop pattern is relatively simple and uses basic stitches. It is suitable for beginner knitters.

The pattern also includes some ideas on how to make it a bit different.

You could make it bigger. If you use 150g or 200g of yarn the shawl will be longer and a bit deeper.

You could use a thicker yarn for a bigger thicker shawl – just change your needle to make a fabric you like.

You could try a 4 or 4.5mm needle for DK yarn. 5 or 5.5mm for Aran weight. 6.5mm or 7mm for Chunky. The same principle applies… half your yarn up one side, the other half of yarn down the other side.

I’ve used a variegated yarn for ours, My Mama Knits Choufunga 4ply in Delphinium, but you could use a solid colour, or perhaps a self-striping yarn and it would look great with scrappy leftovers too... like our scrappy asymmetrical scarf.


scrappy asymmetrical scarf



purple handknit shawl worn in 4 different ways


Simple Side-to-Side Shawl, knitting pattern available for download here.

Measures - approx 160cm long and 30cm deep

Yarn - we used 400m/100g hank of My Mama Knits Choufunga 4ply in Delphinium

You'll need at least 365m of 4ply yarn for a decent sized scarf.  

1 hank of Iolair Gigha or Luing, or 1 hank of Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply would be lovely too.  

For a different effect, try our ‘woollier’ 4plys like Jamieson’s Spindrift (you will need 4 balls)

Or for stripes and patterning, try Zauberball or Zauberall Crazy or a 4ply Opal sock yarn!

Needles - 3.75mm Click for our circular needle selection or see our straight needles here. A 3.5 or 4mm would be fine too.

you will also need a wool needle to weave in your ends

Techniques - cast on; work flat - back and forth; knit; yarn over; slip a stitch; decrease by knitting 2 stitches together (K2tog); decrease by knitting 3 stitches together (K3tog); fasten off.


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