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Midsommar Shawl is a chunky weight wrap

It uses a mixture of garter stitch, stocking stitch, yarn overs and dropped yarn overs. All are simple to work but they create a lot of different textures and makes it an interesting knit.

I used 5 balls of Rico Melange Chunky in shade 64 - a range of yellow, lilac and teal. 


wrapped shawl as a scarf


Melange Chunky has a long colour sequence of varying lengths so you get thick and thin stripes. It works well over small number of stitches or a lot. Perfect for this shawl which starts with a few stitches and grows quickly to a lot of stitches.

The finished sized is about 220cm along the length and about 55cm at its deepest. 

You can block this shawl even bigger. I just soaked in Eucalan, squished out the water and laid it flat, smoothing and straightening the edges. It dried relatively quickly as the Melange Chunky is lightweight despite its chunkiness.


looped scarf


You need to knit this on a circular needle because there are so many stitches. I started with a 6mm x 60cm (less length is easier to manage with few stitches) and then as the number of stitches grew I moved it onto a 100cm long needle. 

The big size means it can be worn over your shoulders like a wrap or you can loop it around your neck like a scarf.


tied scarf


And because it's lightweight you get the bulk without the heaviness.

We have another large wrap in Rico Melange Chunky in the shop. Shades of Wicklow is a triangle shawl with striped stitch patterns.


chunky scarf

Fiona Wright

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