Buggiflooer Beanie is the 2023 Shetland Wool Week hat pattern.

The pattern was released to celebrate Shetland Wool Week and is designed by Alison Rendall. You can now buy a digital copy from the designer on Ravelry.

To knit our shop version I used Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift

Eesit/White for the background (shade A), and Seabright (E), Mermaid (D) and Nighthawk (C) for the flowers. Rosewood (B) for the zig zag and Flame (F) for the one row pops.

This is my second Buggiflooer Beanie. My first Buggiflooer was donated to the 2023 Pittenweem Community Craft Project. For that one I used a dark background and warm pinky shades.


Stranded colourwork hat


Rosewood for the background (shade A), and Eesit/White (E), Oyster (D) and Sunset (C) for the flowers. Surf (B) for the zig zag and Plum (F) for the one row pops.


There are three sizes included in the pattern - small, medium and large. The different sizes are achieved by using different sized needles. For my first hat I knitted the medium size but my hat turned out the large size on the circumference and taller. I ran out of yarn 15 rounds before the end.

For the second hat I knitted the smaller size (i.e. I used a smaller needle) and I achieved the medium hat size. I did not run out of the background yarn.

You only need a small amount for the contrast colours between 5-8g each, even less for shade F (about 5m). So check your stash.

If you need to add some colours we have over 150 colours in stock.

If you'd like some stranded colourwork help check out these links below or pop into the shop.


Stranded colourwork hat


Washing your stranded colourwork project really helps to relax the stitches and smooth out your stitches which can look a bit distorted from all the stranding. I washed our hats in Eucalan, a delicate hand wash laundry liquid. I squished out excess water in a dry towel then let the hat dry flat. Lots of people block on a balloon blown up to the size of their head.


I really enjoyed knitting this beanie. Once you get the pattern established it's actually quite a simple repeat. I found it knitted up quickly because I wanted to see the pattern emerge. I’d definitely knit another one.

Fiona Wright