Bluestockings is co-edited by Kate Davies and Nicole Pohl.

It brings together a celebration of the Bluestockings a group of 18th century learned women, with a wide-ranging exploration of sock and stocking knitting.

The first part of the book includes different perspectives on the history of socks and stockings.

The second part has essays about creative 18th century women such as Mary Delany and Phillis Wheatley Peters and are accompanied by 7 contemporary toe-up patterns for socks and stockings.

Lavishly illustrated this book offers an exciting combination of material history, contemporary making, and early feminism.

It also includes the pattern for Harriet's Hap!

Contributors: Sonja Bargielowska, Kate Davies, Kristina Decker, Elizabeth Eger, Susan North, Nicole Pohl, Isabella Whitworth.

A code for a complimentary digital copy is included in the book

Published in Glasgow.

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