Felt Decoration Kits

By Trimits

These felt decorations are ideal craft kits for beginners or younger crafters. Perfect for handmade Christmas decorations. Each kit comes with pre-punched shapes which are sewn together to make a collection of cute decorations.

You can also glue most of the decoration too.

Each kit contains everything you need including: pre-cut acrylic felt shapes, stuffing, threads, metal needle, plastic needle and some have beads and sequins too. There is a one page sheet of easy to follow step-by-step instructions. This kit does not include stitch diagrams/instructions and you'll need some scissors! Check out the photos for the contents of each kit.

Approximate finished sizes:

Sausage Dog (14.5 x 8.5cm); Santa (9 x 11cm); Reindeer (9 x 12cm); Christmas Pudding (9 x 9cm); Rainbow (6 x 11cm); Cactus (13 x 6cm); Ice Lolly (12 x 6cm); Doughnut (11.5 x 11cm); Spring Owl (8 x 9.5cm); Hedgehog (12 x 10cm)

We also have a 12 day Advent Calendar featuring 12 festive felt decoration kits.

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