waits green open cardigan


Waits is a hand knitted cardigan designed by Bristol Ivy. The knitting pattern is available to buy on Ravelry and on Bristol's website.

It has clean tailored lines and a surprising back.


waits  green open edge cardigan


Wait comes in a wide range of sizes ranging from  37" up to 57.75". These are finished garment measurements. The cardigan is measured across the back and then doubled. So I would recommend measuring across you back - armpit to armpit. Double that number and compare it to the measurements in the pattern. Think about how that would fit around your body. Waits is an open cardigan so it's more about how much coverage and drape you want from the front edge rather than buttoning it up (although it would look lovely with a brooch or pin to close it).

Our shop sample is 37" and I've photographed it on the 38" mannequin. 

But... our mannequin doesn't have arms and I would strongly suggest you check your upper arm measurement against those in the pattern. Waits is a neat fitting cardigan but you'll want to ensure its not too neat around your upper arms and armpit.

It's also worth looking at the length of the cardigan. Again this measurement is given in the pattern and there are instructions on how to lengthen the body. I would recommend you read the pattern through and highlight these instructions in case you need them.

The beauty of Waits is that it is knitted seamlessly from the top down so you can try it on as you knit it and get a sense of how it fits. Now, I didn't knit Waits so I was initially confused about how it is constructed, imagining lots of short rows, picking up stitches and at least one provisional cast on. But no! I have been reliable informed by Nicola, who did knit it, that it's actually quite straightforward.

One thing that immediately made it make sense is that you cast on the full front edge/neck... marked in red. 👇


green waits cardigan


You then use stitch markers to separate the front, sleeves and back. Make sure you place these stitch markers where the pattern tells you then just follow the instructions. It combines stocking stitch and garter stitch to create texture and movement with simple mitred shaping.

There is no picking up stitches and no sewing up. There are long rows and because of the mitred shaping the cardigan will benefit greatly from blocking to relax the stitches and give a smooth finish. 


green cardigan


This Waits was knitted by Nicola in John Arbon Yarnadelic Sport, a 100% British Corriedale wool with amazing colour blends. This colour is called Black Gold of the Sun and it's a complex green shade.

Corriedale is a cross of Merino and Lincoln Longwool sheep. It has a perfect balance of the softness and bounce of Merino combined with the slight lustre and long staple length of Lincoln Longwool.


green cardigan


As a sportweight yarn it is thicker than 4ply but thinner than DK, making a lightweight but substantial fabric. We have over 10 shades in stock and they are so beautiful it's worth seeing them in real life.


Waits would also work in Rowan Felted Tweed which is a light DK yarn. 

To recap:

You can buy Waits as a digital pattern in the Pittenweem shop (it will be emailed to you) or you can buy on Ravelry or at Bristol Ivy's website.

You can see our selection of John Arbon Yarnadelic Sport here.

You could knit cardigan in Rowan Felted Tweed and Rowan Felted Tweed Colour.

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