Viandar by Robynn Weldon (available to buy on Ravelry)


Viandar is our new shop sample showcasing our NOW SOLD OUT  strictly limited edition mini skein set from My Mama Knits


windmill skies


Using the skies above St Monans Windmill as inspiration the mini skein set has 5 x 20g hanks of merino/nylon 4ply.


mini skeins of yarn


Viandar uses all 5 colours to create a cowl.

The pattern uses shorts rows, creating wedges of colour rather than simple blocks or stripes. I think it perfectly reflects not only the weather in the sky but the landscape in which the windmill sits.

Not sure about short rows? A short row is when you don't knit all the stitches in the row or round. You knit up to a point then turn and knit back along the stitches.

This means, that even though Viandar is knitted in the round on a circular needle you don't need to purl as you are working back and forth mostly, not in the round. This sounds confusing but it is actually really simple.

There are different ways to work short rows. Terms you may have come across before - Wrap and Turn, German Short Row or Japanese Short Rows.


shades of blue cowl


For Viandar, the designer asks you to just turn around. It's very simple! If you don't like the look of that - it can create a little hole - you can use whatever method you prefer.

I am a loose knitter, I was concerned that the holes would be too gappy so I used German Short Rows. But now I've knitted it I think any little hole would add to the design. It would look purposeful as you are turning regularly.

If you're interested in German Short Rows I found this tutorial helpful.


shades of blue cowl


You can pick 5 mini skeins from our permanent My Mama Knits mini skein collection.


colourful mini skeins


Or check your stash! The pattern is perfect for small amounts of 4ply. Perhaps you have leftovers from sock knitting?


To recap:

You can buy Viandar as a digital pattern in the Pittenweem shop (it will be emailed to you) or you can buy on Ravelry or on Payhip

You can buy  My Mama Knits Choufunga 4ply Mini Skeins here.


Since Choufunga is considered a sock yarn I made a sock using the mini skeins too.


blue shades sock


I used my favourite simple sock pattern by Meaghan Schmaltz (available for free on Ravelry) and cast on with shade 1 for the rib before striping it with a second shade for the leg. I ended the leg with a block of shade 3 before working the heel with shade 4. The gusset decreases are worked by striping shades 3 and 4 and then working the rest of the foot in shade 5. I worked the toe decreases by striping shade 5 and 2.

The colours look great blended but also work well individually.

You'd easily get a pair of socks from one mini skein pack.

Fiona Wright

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