dustland green sock

Dustland by Stephen West, available to buy on Ravelry and Westknits


Not my usual sock type.

I'm a sucker for self patterning sock yarns like fake fair isle Opal and stripey Crazy Zauberball and even some unpredictable hand dyed.

But this single colour sock did keep my interest. Stripes of stitch patterns.

This is Dustland by Stephen West and I used using Socks Yeah 4ply in shade 127.

Socks Yeah is a soft merino sock yarn with a smooth finish that makes your stitches pop. Perfect for the textured stitches of Dustland.

The different stitch patterns are simple but effective and make a one colour sock more interesting to knit. 


dustland green sock


This sock has a fold back cuff. The pattern has you casting on as normal and then knitting for 13cm (this took me aaaagggggesss) and you then fold in half and knit the stitch on the needle with a picked up stitch from the cast on edge.

I love the effect of a folded cuff. Very squishy. But I found the method a bit of a phaff and I think I would have been better doing a provisional cast on instead. At least then I wouldn't have to question if I was picking up the correct stitch. The stitches on the cast on edge are quite tiny.

I loved the garter stitch heel flap!

We have lots of colours in Socks Yeah 4ply. You will need 2 hanks (100g) for most sizes of these socks. 

And if you like the stitch patterning on Dustland... there is a whole range of Dustland patterns featuring a similar effect.

Fiona Wright
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