bright yellow chunky scarf


Decemberist is a big super chunky triangle shawl - super cosy and super quick to knit... less than 10 hours!

The pattern is by Melanie Berg and is available to buy on Ravelry.

I knitted this shawl in 2017 using 4 balls of Wendy With Wool Super Chunky. 


bright yellow chunky shawl


Unfortunately Wendy yarns disappeared for a while but some of them are now back.

With Wool Super Chunky is a good economical super chunky yarn and I'm glad it's back.

It's perfect for quick projects and BIG projects (it has a good meterage for a small price). And I get to show off this stunning shawl again!

BUT - the colour I used in 2017 is no longer available. Confusingly it is the same number and name but it is a different colour.

SO until I get a new shop sample, this Decemberist will remain in the shop 👇 .


bright yellow chunky scarf


Decemberist features a lovely lace pattern.

Lace needs to be stretched to open up the holes and reveal the pattern. Normally with a natural fibre I would soak the item in Eucalan, squish out the excess water and pin the item out. You can see an example here.

Wendy With Wool Super Chunky has 25% wool and 75% acrylic. Given the high acrylic content I blocked this shawl differently - I didn't want the yarn to flatten or become over stressed. So I steam blocked the shawl using this tutorial, obviously pinning it out in a triangle shape!

We've also got a new super chunky sweater in the shop using Wendy Husky, a 100% acrylic yarn in subtle marled self striping shades.

September 28, 2021

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