shawl wrapped

City Block Shawl by Laura Aylor on Ravelry


My triangle sofa shawl is done!

This is an aran weight version of City Block Shawl by Laura Aylor.⁠ The pattern is written for 4ply, so mine has come out big and comfortingly heavy.

It measure about 72" along the top and 42" at the deepest point. I used about 700g of a discontinued aran weight yarn I'd been hoarding in my stash.


shawl draped on shoulders


I didn't knit the first side as long as the pattern suggested, just because it was getting too long. This side determines the overall size of the shawl. Too long and it will make the finished shawl unwieldy.


large aran weight shawl in progress



I want this shawl to sit on the sofa so I can pull it on when the weather turns colder.


back of large shawl


If you're looking for the same size and similar effect you could use West Yorkshire Spinners Croft Aran and use a 5mm needle.


colour combos


 Colour combos:-

1 - 312 Fetlar, 727 Quendale, 339 Seafield, 639 Laxfirth

2 - 312 Fetlar, 727 Quendale, 397 Huxter, 551 Melby

3 - 727 Quendale, 568 Ollaberry, 397 Huxter, 639 Laxfirth

4 - 312 Fetlar, 568 Ollaberry, 397 Huxter, 551 Melby


I also added an i-cord bind off instead of the cast off suggested in pattern. I am a loose knitter so didn't use a larger needle... but you do need to be careful that you don't bind off too tightly. It will pull in your edges and take ages to unpick!

I used this tutorial on Spruce Knits.

The bind off in the pattern is fine, I just felt it was too loose for me especially as I wasn't stretching or pinning out the shawl.

To knit the same blocks of colour you will need 3 hanks of the main colour (grey in my shawl) and 2 of the first contrast colour (dark teal) and then 1 each of the other contrast colours.

But the pattern can act as a recipe for using up any aran weight you have - or you could try holding multiple strands of yarn together as a stash buster. Just find a needle size that makes a fabric you like. And obviously you can knit in 4ply as the pattern is written!


large shawl wrapped



Fiona Wright