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sunshine collection


Sunshine, aka My Mama Knits, is one of our 'resident' hand dyers: we have a permanent but changing collection of Choufunga (a super wash merino nylon 4ply).

But Sunshine also dyes a range of other yarns - different fibres and thicknesses. She has a huge collection of shades. Shades that can be combined as subtle or dramatic fades or shades that you just have to have as a garment or one hank accessory.

It was her brilliance as a hand dyer that led to our amazing Love Your Wallpaper yarn.


3 brightly coloured yarn


You can of course browse all the My Mama Knits yarns on Sunshine's own website but I wanted a little bit more of her shades and yarns in the shop. Perhaps a limited edition, thoughtfully curated collection of yarn bases and hand dyed shades from My Mama Knit's extensive range?!?

Yarns that will work together when knitted single or when paired and knitted with two strands held together.

Colours that work effortlessly when combined or look amazing on their own.

Something that makes your eyes light up!

And of course something we can do regularly throughout the year... like a jewel toned winter collection of heavier weight yarns.

Although, I'm getting ahead of myself! Back to our first Sunshine Collection...



9 hanks of blue and green yarn


This first Sunshine Collection is inspired by Spring Nest.



Spring Nest is a beautiful combination of mossy browns and greens with a fresh splash of bright turquoise blue and tiny hint of zingy lime.

As this first collection comes at the beginning of summer there's an emphasis on lightweight yarns for warm weather knitting and wearing:

  • the hugely popular Choufunga 4ply. A superwash merino blend perfect for socks and everything else.
  • Fluff Lace is a luxurious laceweight blend of baby suri alpaca and silk.
  • Float Your Goat, another laceweight but in classic kid mohair and silk.

This collection is perfect for yarn pairing.

What's yarn pairing? It's when you hold two or more yarns together. This can create different textures and colour effects.

For example:

  • when you hold a fluffy mohair with a smooth yarn.
  • holding two colours together to get a marled effect
  • diffusing a bright variegated colour with a strand of a single shade.

Tin Can Knits have an excellent guide and lots of photos on mohair yarn pairing  and how it can create lots of different effects.

Their tutorial was inspired by their famous Love Note sweater which combined a 4ply and mohair laceweight.


pink sweater


This version of Love Note uses Choufunga 4ply in the shade Bright Flower held together with Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Candy Girl. A great example of the effect a solid colour mohair can have on a variegated 4ply.


You can also check out my AquaMarline jumper which used multiple strands of 4ply to create a multicoloured marled effect. 👇


multi coloured jumper


There are many patterns available that combine multiple strands of different yarns. I've put together a bundle on Ravelry for inspiration.


Also included in that pattern bundle are patterns that stripe different yarns.

Tanis Lavallee has two warm weather patterns that really showcase the different textures of 4ply and mohair.


turquoise stripe knitted tee

 Rock it Tee by Tanis Lavallee on Ravelry or Tanis Fibre Arts.


Rock It Tee uses a 4ply and a mohair to create colour and textural stripes. The yarns are held single and alternated. It has a beautiful raglan detail and a relaxed vibe.


grey knitted teeFloodlight Tee by Tanis Lavallee on Ravelry or Tanis Fibre Arts.


The second Tanis pattern is Floodlight Tee which has a circular yoke of stripes in 4 ply and mohair and a body just in 4ply. It has a lovely key-hole back and tie cord.

Both these patterns would look great in the Green Ladies or Bladder Wrack in Choufunga and Fluff Lace giving a tonal effect.


yellow and green yarnsLeft: Bladder Wrack Choufunga and Fluff Lace
Right: Green Ladies Choufunga and Fluff Lace


Or switch it up with Maugerite Choufunga and Green Ladies Fluff Lace and Green Ladies Choufunga and Peacock K in Float Your Goat.


Two other patterns I currently love are by Yamagara (Bernice Lim) - Lapis and Manis.


grey chevron top


I'm currently eyeing up a combo from our resident Choufunga collection for Lapis.

The recent addition of 3 semi solid shades - Witches Cape, Concrete and Urchin - gives lots of choice when pairing them with a brightly variegated shade.


yellow green and purple yarnsBladder Wrack and Urchin


Or how about a yak extravaganza combing our Love Your Wallpaper on Don't Talk Back and our undyed Tibetan 4ply from Chester Wool.


multi coloured yarn and natural


Anyway! Back to the Collection... 😆


mohair blend top

Manis by Yamagara available to buy on Ravelry. 


For Manis the combo of 4ply on the body and mohair up top is stunning.

The gauzy yoke is created with increasingly larger needles. Spring Nest and Dunnock egg would be a lovely combo - giving a great pop of colour. Or for something more understated try the Green Ladies combo.


greens and blue yarnThe middle hank is Sage Brush from our 'permanent' collection!


One project we already have in the shop - Arvia - is a lovely combination of yarns.

The shop sample uses the Tibetan 4ply and Rowan Kidsilk Haze. But the simple garter stitch stripes would look great in the variegated tones of hand dyed yarn.


beige toned shawl


I also love these socks which combine a 4ply with a fluffy cuff - Hibernation Socks by Lindsey Fowler.


fade set


And how about the classic Free Your Fade using Spring Nest, Sage Brush*, Green Ladies, Marguerite, Rocky Shores*, Urchin* all in Choufunga, where * are from our resident collection.

Or Birds of Feather from Andrea Mowry using a combo of Choufunga and Fluff Lace and/or Float Your Goat laceweights.


Of course you don't need to combine different yarns. Hand dyed yarn is great for one hank projects when you fall in love with a shade, need a quick fix or are on a yarn budget.

I've include a few 'classic' one hank projects in our Ravelry bundle, including:


And don't forget our own range of free patterns. Like our Simple Side-to-Side Shawl shown here in Choufunga 4ply.


purple shawl


Our latest shop sample - Mohair Scarf would be amazing in the variegated shades of Green Ladies or Bladder Wrack.


blue mohair scarf


 And you could knit a larger Simple Mohair Cowl or even make two.


The important links:-


variegated yarns


Many thanks to Tanis Lavallee and Yamagara for allowing me to use their pattern photos.

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