Arfordir Cowl

multi coloured hand knitted cowl in shades of blue green yellow and pink

New shop sample!

This is the Arfordir Cowl designed by Jeni Hewlett using a Fyberspates Tarma Aran kit. The kit also includes a pattern for mitts (I haven't knitted them yet).

The kit comes in 3 shade ranges - Winter, Tutti Fruity and Seaside.

I choose Seaside for the shop sample. It has one hank of 5 shades, enough for this cowl and the matching mitts.

Tarma Aran is a lovely yarn to work with and wear. A bit thicker than a classic aran it's a blend of wool and alpaca. As it's hand dyed it's interesting to see the depth of colours and how they come together.

The slip stitch pattern is easy to work and blends some of the shades together whilst allowing others to pop.

handknit cowl in blues greens yellow and pink laid flat


It's knitted on a circular needle, so no sewing up at the end.

The pattern does specify a tubular cast on and cast off but I did neither. It's not a technique I can do without further instructions (hello YouTube) and I was not in the mood for doing that! It does give a lovely effect though, so if you are in the mood... I recommend giving it go.

If you like this short style of cowl check out our Twixtmas cowl which also uses slip stitches.

Slip stitches are just that... stitches you slip from one needle to the other, without knitting or purling.

You can get a different effect depending where you hold the yarn whilst you slip.

For the Arfordir Cowl the yarn is held at the back. For the Twixtmas Cowl the yarn is held at the front, creating horizontal bars that mimic a woven fabric.

You can see the Arfordir Yarn kit here. And if you just want the pattern then you can buy on Ravelry here.*

*If you have problems accessing Ravelry please get in touch.


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